Drama and Readings (O)

Last Edited: 06-Sep-2019 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Oakes, Sharon
Oates, Debbie
Obano, Rex
Oberman, Tracy-Ann
Oberman, Wendy
Obler, Arch
Obreht, Tea
O'Brian, Patrick
O'Brien, Edna
O'Brien, Kate
O'Brien, Martin
O'Brien, Sean
Ochsner, Gina
Ockrent, Ben
O'Carroll, Harriet
O'Casey, Sean
O'Ceallaigh, Philip
O'Connor, Anne-Marie
O'Connor, Denis
O'Connor, Eoin
O'Connor, Joseph
O'Dair, Marcus
Odell, Michael
O'Donnell, Peter
O'Farrell, John
O'Farrell, Maggie
O'Flynn, Catherine
Ogin, Gary
Oglesby, Tamsin
O'Hagan, Andrew
O'Hanlon, Jim
O'Hara, Frank
O'Hara, John
O'Hare, Eugene
Okafor, Ben
Okoh, Janice
Okri, Ben
Olafsson, Olaf
Oliphant, Margaret
Oliver, Louise
O'Malley, J G
Omareen, Zaher
Ondaatje, Michael
O'Neill, Eamon
O'Neill, Eugene
O'Neill, James
O'Neill, Jonny
O'Neill, Richard Rai
O'Nolan, Brian
Oo, Kin Swe
Oppel, Jean-Hugues
Oppersdorff, Rosomond
Orchard, Sonia
Orczy, Baroness
O'Reilly, Christian
O'Reilly, Judith
O'Reilly, Kaite

Orenstein, Peggy
Original Writer's Group, Battersea
Orkin, Laurence
Orr, Deborah
Orr, K J
Orton, Joe
Orwell, George
Osbaldeston, Joan
Osborn, Matthew
Osborne, John
Osborne, Lisa
O’Shea, Moya
Ostrovsky, Alexander
O'Sullivan, Matthew
Oswald, Alice
O'Toole, Peter
Otten, Willem Jan
Owen, Alun
Owen, Gary
Owen, Wilfred
Oyeyemi, Helen
Oz, Amos
Ozumba, Kachi A 

Odd Body, An
Omar, The Wizard Of Persia (US juvenile adventure serial)
Omphaloskepsis (short story anthology)
[General Motors] On Safari (South African adventure series)
Once Upon a Midnight (proposed ABC Radio Hitchcock series)
One Chord Wonders
One Man's Family (US soap opera)
One Out of Seven (US news commentary)
Orbit One Zero (BBC science fiction series)
Orbiter X
Order In The Court (US courtroom drama series)
Origin of Superstition (US documentary series)
Our Miss Brooks (US situation comedy)
Out of the Deep (US underwater adventure series)