Oliphant, Margaret

Last Edited: 19-May-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

15-Aug-1992 to
15-Jun-2009 to
Miss Marjoribanks
  1. Lucilla's Revolution
  2. Skirmishes
  3. Lucilla's Luck
  4. The Battle Lost and Won
Elizabeth Spriggs, Teresa Gallagher, Roy Hanlon,  Keith
Drinkle, Elizabeth Mansfield, Nicholas Murchie, Elizabeth
Proud, Garrard Greene, Anne Windsor, Kate Binchy, John
Fleming, Joanna Wake, Teresa Streatfield, Melanie
Hudson, Eric Allen, Siriol Jenkins, David Holt, Paul Damon,
Joanna Myers, Christopher Scott, Peter Penhry Jones,
Jill Graham, John Webb, Jonathan Adams
dramatised by Elizabeth Proud
directed by Sue Wilson
56:59, 53584, S 
57:00, 53449, S
57:13, 53643, S
57:11, 53613, S
30-Dec-2013 to
Penelope Wilton, Adam Nagaitis, Jasmine Hyde, Philip
Jackson, Lyndsey Marshal, Ben Crowe, Patrick Brennan,
Paul Stonehouse, Sarah Thom, Liza Sadovy, Joseph Kloska,
Lizzy Watts, Stephanie Racine, Joe Sims, Robert Blythe
Dramatised by Kate Clanchy and Zena Forster
Harp played by Ruth Faber
Producer/Director ..... Jonquil Panting
13:43, 12845, S
13:37, 12751, S
13:34, 12702, S
13:41, 12820, S
13:53, 12994, S

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