Okoh, Janice

Last Edited: 19-May-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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Date Title Cast Parameters
A Short Ride to Dusseldorf

Katy Cavanagh, Steve Toussaint, Nadine Marshall, Ayesha Antoine,
Liza Sadovy, Chu Omambala, Simon Treves
Producer/director Claire Grove
44:04, 41327, S
27-Aug-2008 From Lagos with Love Nadine Marshall, Chris Pavlo, Stephen Critchlow, Helen Longworth
Syan Blake, Adetomiwa Edun
Director Claire Grove
43:54, 41166, S
16-Jul-2010 SE8
Julia Ford, Ashley Madekwe, Tony Bell, Michael Shelford,
Darren Hart, Lloyd Thomas
Directed by Claire Grove
43:58, 41222, S
26-Nov-2012 to
Baby Powder and Perfume
  1. The Punter
  2. The Club Owner
  3. The Police Officer
  4. The Punter's Wife
  5. The Dancer
  1. Ben Crowe, Manjinder Virk, Will Howard
  2. Peter Wight, Stephanie Racine, Lizzy Watts, Patrick Brennan,
    Paul Stonehouse
  3. Will Howard, Heider Ali, Peter Wight, Patrick Brennan,
    Robert Blythe
  4. Ben Crowe, Manjinder Virk
  5. Lizzy Watts, Stephanie Racine, Will Howard, Paul Stonehouse,
    Adam Nagaitis
Director Helen Perry
13:43, 12838, S
13:43, 12843, S
13:39, 12783, S
13:42, 12838, S
13:54, 13022, S

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