Comedy C

Last Edited: 25-Feb-2015 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas

Cabaret of Dr Caligari
Cabaret Upstairs
Cabin Pressure
Cactus Island (Australian)
Call My Bluff
Can't Tell Nathan Caton Nothing
Capital Gains
Captain Kremmen
Cariad Radio Show
Carry On ... Films, The
Castle, The
Castle's on the Air
Cavity Within, The
Chain Reaction

Change, The
Change at Oglethorpe
Cheese Shop The
Chewin' The Fat
Children's Hour with Armstrong and Miller
Child's Play
Choice Grenfell
Chorlton and the Wheelies
Chris Addison's Civilisation
Christopher Brookmyre's Comedy Bookcase

Christopher Marlowe Mysteries
Clare in the Community
Clayton Grange
Cleaning Up
Clement Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Cliché (and Son of Cliché)
Clitheroe Kid, The
Clive Anderson's Chat Room
Clive Anderson's Comedy Revolutions
Colgate Cavalcade
Cold Swedish Winter, The
Colin and Fergus's Digi Radio
Colin Hoult's Carnival of Monsters
Come Back With the Wind
Come The Revolution
Comedians Comedians
Comediennes, The
Comedy Album Show, The
Comedy Club
Comedy Connections
Comedy Crackers
Comedy Locations
Comedy on the Boat
Comedy Playhouse
Comedy Showcase
Comedy's Coming Home
Comic Fringes (index page to authors)
Comic to Comic
Coming Alive
Concrete Cow
Consultants, The
Control Group Six
Cornwell Estate
Correspondent, The
Could Do Better
Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!
Country Matters
Craig Brown's Lost Diaries
Crème de la Crime
Crowned Hudds
Crusader Chronicles
Curiosity Killed The Cabaret
Curried Goat Show, The

Comedy -- General Topics


Cameron, Rhona
Carlin, George
Carrott, Jasper

Clark, John (Australian-NZ)
Clary, Julian
Cleese, John
Connolly, Billy
Connor, Kenneth
Cook, Peter
Cooper, Tommy
Corbett, Ronnie
Cosby, Bill
Cribbins, Bernard
Cryer, Barry
Cutler, Ivor