Comic Fringes

Last Edited: 16-Oct-2014 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

A more or less annual series. These are filed under respective authors and this page is merely an index.

Date Episode Title Cast Parameters
14-Aug-2000 1-1 A Deep Hole written by Ian Rankin
read by Steven McNicoll

15-Aug-2000 1-2 Aftershave written by Susie Maguire
read by Alison Peebles

16-Aug-2000 1-3 Year Zero writen by Lynne Truss
17-Aug-2000 1-4 The Ghost Riders Of Pittenweem written by Brian Hennigan
read by James Bryce

18-Aug-2000 1-5 Mrs Burns' Supper written by Patricia Hannah
20-Aug-2001 2-1 The Rotters's Club writen by Jonathan Coe
read by Crawford Logan

21-Aug-2001 2-2 The Ex-magician From The Minhota Tavern writen by Murilo Rubaio
read by Steven McNicoll

22-Aug-2001 2-3 Ted Hughes And The Fancy Rabbit written by Patricia Hannah
read by Vivienne Dixon reads 

23-Aug-2001 2-4 Footnotes: Peterhead, Winter 1963 written by Iain Grant
read by Michael Mackenzie

24-Aug-2001 2-5 ?

12-Aug-2002 3-1 Melon's 69p  by Lori Don
13-Aug-2002 3-2 Prune Surprise written and read by Ian Macpherson
14-Aug-2002 3-3 After Proust  by Patricia Hannah
Read by Vivienne Dixon

15-Aug-2002 3-4 Mr Heine by Iain Crichton Smith
16-Aug-2002 3-5 Duck Man written by Brian Hennigan
Read by James Bryce

11-Aug-2003 4-1 How To Have Meetings by Ruth Thomas
12-Aug-2003 4-2 Salmon Chamareemo written and read by Ian Macpherson
13-Aug-2003 4-3 A Small Controlled Explosion by Patricia Hannah
14-Aug-2003 4-4 Vesuvius by Ella Henderson
15-Aug-2003 4-5 A Late Night Shopping Experience written and read by Arnold Brown
 25-Aug-2009 5-1  May Contain Nuts written and read by Janey Godley
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron
 26-Aug-2009 5-2  The Hair of The Dead written and read by Sarah Millican
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron
 27-Aug-2009 5-3 Gone Phishing written and read by Jon Richardson
Directed by Kirsteen Cameron
 24-Aug-2010 6-1 The Woman Who Sniffed
Susan Calman
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron
25-Aug-2010 6-2 Just When You Thought It Was Safe to be Green Patrick Monahan
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron

26-Aug-2010 6-3 On The Dot Shazia Mirza
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron
23-Aug-2011 7-1 The Hair of The Dead written and read by Sarah Millican
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron
24-Aug-2011 7-2 Spooky and the Van read by Joe Lycett
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron

25-Aug-2011 7-3 A Difference of Opinion read by Bridget Christie
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron

19-Aug-2012 8-1 The Three Times I Dumped Eleanor, and the Manner of her Death Reader: Russell Kane
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron

26-Aug-2012 8-2 Sorry for Your Loss written and read by James Acaster
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron

02-Sep-2012 8-3 Club Sandwich Written and read by Mark Watson
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron

The Understudy
Jenny Eclair
Kill Dilly
Aisling Bea
I Bought A Monkey To Stand Out In The New York Art Scene
Sanjeev Kohli
Love And Orangutans
Romesh Ranganathan
Bad Fairytale () [BBC R4]
Grainne Maguire
The Gospel According To Judas () [BBC R4]
John O'Farrell

Documentaries and Collateral Material