Comedy B

Last Edited: 08-Jan-2016 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas


Babblewick Hall
Back to Square One

Bad Language
Bad Salsa
Bangers And Mash
Barbara Windsor's Funny Girls
Barry Cryer's Comedy Greats
BBC New Comedy Awards
Be Prepared
Beachcomber by the Way
Bearded Ladies
Beastly Baroque
Beat the Kids
Beaton Generation, The
Beautiful Dreamers
Beauty of Britain
Before They Were Famous
Believe It!
Benny Hill Time
Bernie Clifton's Comedy Shop
Best of the Festival Cafe Shows
Betty Witherspoon
Beyond Our Ken
Beyond the Fringe
Beyond the Gravy

Big Big Space
Big Booth, The
Big Business Lark
Big Celtic Comedy Tour, The
Big Fun Show, The
Big Jim and the Figaro Club
Big Town All Stars, The
Bigger Issues
Bird Island
Births, Deaths and Marriages
Bits in Between, The
Blagger's Guide, The
Blame Game, The
Bleak Expectations
Bless Me Father
Boogie Up the River
Blue Jam
Bluey & Curly (Australian)
Bob and Ray (US)
Bob Servant Emails, The
Bodgers, Banks and Sparkes
Boosh, The
Boothby Graffoe in No Particular Order
Boyle Inquest, The
Boyle's Law
Bradshaws, The
Bremner's One Question Quiz
Brian Appleton's History of Rock 'n' Roll
Brian Appleton's Unofficial Multimedia Lecture
Brian Gulliver's Travels
Bridget Christie Minds the Gap
(Linda Smith’s) A Brief History of Timewasting
Brief Lives
Brig Society, The
Britain in a Box
Britain Versus the World
Broaden Your Mind
Brogue Male
Broken Arts
Brothers in Law
Brothers, The
Brown on Brown
Bunn and Co
Burkiss Way, The 
Burns and Allen
Bussmann and Quantick Kingsize
Buy Me Up TV
Bye Bye Edinburgh


Baker, Hylda
Ball, Lucille
Barker, Ronnie
Barras, Leonard
Bennett, Alan
Bentine, Michael
Bentley, Dick
Biggun, Ivor
Blanc, Mel
Blaster Bates
Borge, Victor
Braden, Bernard
Brand, Jo
Brand, Oscar
Bresslaw, Bernard 
Briers, Richard
Brooke-Taylor, Tim
Brooks, Mel
Bruce, Lenny
Bryan, Dora