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Last Edited: 06-Apr-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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Silk: The Clerks' Room
written by Mick Collins and Janice Okoh
  1. Jake
  2. Bethany
  3. John

  4. Billy
  5. Amy
  6. Billy
Theo Barklem-Biggs, Neil Stuke, Jessica Henwick, John
MacMillan, Amy Wren, Anthony Welsh, Carolyn Pickles,
Priyanga Burford, Charles Edwards, Miranda Raison,
Flaminia Cinque, Tracy Wiles, Michael Bertenshaw,
Matthew Watson, Jeany Spark, Sean Murray,
Steve Toussaint
Based on the BBC1 series Silk created by Peter Moffat
Executive producer: Hilary Salmon
Director: Sasha Yevtushenko

Neil Stuke, Amy Wren, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Alex Tregear,
Mark Edel-Hunt, David Hounslow Josef Altin, David Acton,
Jessica Turner, John MacMillan, Jessica Henwick, Amelia
Lowdell, David Acton, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Stephen Critchlow,
Chris Pavlo
Director: Sasha Yevtushenko
42:59, 40213, S
43:39. 40844, S
42:50, 40160, S

42:51, 40088, S
42:50, 40084, S
43:00, 40235, S

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