Literature -- General, Traditional, Anthologies

Last Edited: 01-Dec-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

General Literature Documentaries
Date Title Cast Parameters
A Gothic Quest
  1. Madness, Murder and Monsters in the Lab
  2. Graveyards, Glamour and Celluloid Ghosts
Louise Welsh
Producer Jane Greenwood
27:40, 25939, S
27:42, 25971, S
12-Jan-2004 to
Rare Books, Rare People
  1. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde
  2. Sons and Lovers, D.H. Lawrence
  3. Ulysses, James Joyce
  4. Three Stories and Ten Poems, Ernest Hemingway
  5. The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger
Written and Presented by Rick Gekowski
Performed by Brian Ralf
Produced by Ivan Howlett
14:11, 9977, S
13:05, 9209, S
14:12, 9993, S
13:58, 9830, S
14:04, 9903, S
01-Nov-2004 to
Still Angry after All These Years?
  1. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning –
    Alan Sillitoe
    A Kind of Loving – Stan Barstow
  2. Kes –  Barry Hines
  3. The Sporting Life – David Storey
  4. Up the Junction – Nell Dunn
Alan Sillitoe
Presented and produced by Claire Jenkins
21-Nov-2004 From Essex to the Alps
Mountains and Writers
Written and presented by Lavinia Greenlaw
Produced by Tim Dee
27:49, 26089, S
Out of the Blue
How writers have been inspired by strange weather
  1. The Long Hot Summer of 1976
  2. The Great Storm of 1987
Peggy Reynolds
Readings by Richenda Carey
and Martin Hyder
Produced by Phil Tinline
18-May-2006 Dons and Dragons
Oxford famous fantasy writers for children
Michael Rosen, Phillip Pullman, Jonathan
Miller, AN Wilson
Produced by Sarah Jane Hall
28:10, 26407, S
01-Jun-2006 The Accidental Entertainers
The Brothers Grimm
Michael Rosen
Readers: Paul Copley and Siriol Jenkins
Produced by Deborah Preston
27:56, 26196, S
22-Jun-2006 to
Imagining Albion –  The Great British Future
Britain in Science Fiction and Fantasy
  1. Utopias and Dystopias
  2. Nightmare of Invasion
  3. Albion Unbound
  4. Starmakers
Francis Spufford
Gwinneth Jones, Iain M Banks, Ian McMillan,
Arthur C Clarke
Produced by Laura Thomas, Mark Berman
28:15, 26486, S
28:11, 26423. S
28:13, 26456, S
28:21, 26580, S
05-Dec-2006 to
16-Jul-2007 to
The Four o’Clock Friends
The John Murray publishing house and
document collection
Vanessa Collingridge
Produced by Lynn Mennie
14:04, 13189, S
14:07, 13251, S
13:59, 13111, S
14:05, 13205, S
14:07, 13239, S
Guilty Pleasure – A Hundred Years of Mills and Boon Lucy Porter
Produced by Susie Matthews
28:01, 26280, S
11-Oct-2007 A Smile and a Shoeshine –
The traveling salesman
Laurie Taylor
Produced by Geoff Bird
28:22, 26608
18-Oct-2007 The Dance of the Seven Veils Reem Kelani
Produced by Megan Jones
28:46, 26979, S
A Nasty Case of the Vapours
The lives, deaths and immune systems of
heroines of English literature
Vivienne Parry
Introduced by Simon Hollis
28:15, 26491, S
20-Apr-2010 Madwomen in the Attic Vivienne Parry
Introduced by Simon Hollis
28:12, 26449, S
27-Mar-2008 The Reading Group Commissions Produced by Mary Ward Lowery 28:24, 26632, S
06-Apr-2008 Voices at 40 Judith Palmer
Produced by Julian Wilkinson
24:57, 23404, S
From the Ban to the Booker --
the development of the lesbian novel
Val McDermid
produced by Nicholas Sordes
28:01, 26275, S
28:00, 26267, S
28-Aug-2008 The Ancient Novel Tibor Fischer
produced by Gavin Hurd
27:30, 25783, S
18-Nov-2008 Arvon at 40 -
The Arvon Foundation and Creative Writing
Mavis Cheek
produced by Christine Hall
28:06, 26349, S
22-Jan-2009 Five Meet to Make Up Myths
The creative connections between five Victorian
authors: Oscar Wilde, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie and Bram Stoker
Gyles Brandreth
produced by Libby Cross
28:49, 27027, S
12-May-2009 By Jove Carruthers! Miles Jupp
produced by David Stenhouse
28:08, 26382, S
30-Jun-2009 Sitting for Fay
photographer Fay Godwin's portraits of
leading literary figures
Christine Finn
produced by Maria Burgess
28:19, 26556, S
30-Jul-2009 Frequently Asked Questions
The relationship between authors and their readers
through the changing nature of the correspondence
between them
Ian Samson
produced by sara Davies
27:50, 26095, S
06-Oct-2009 I Have Heard The Mermaids Singing Janet Ellis
produced by Geoff Bird
28:01, 26267, S
22-Apr-2010 Here Be Dragons Janet Ellis
produced by
Geoff Bird
27:50, 26109, S
03-Jan-2010 Miles Jupp's Muscular Lines Miles Jupp
produced by David Stenhouse
25:04, 23513, S
12-Jan-2010 Midnight Feasts and Lashings of Ginger Beer Michael Rosen and Julia Donalsom
produced by Cecile Wright
28:04, 26324, S
11-Feb-2010 to
Capturing America --
Mark Lawson’s History of Modern American
  1. Fighters and Writers
  2. The Crucible of Capitalism
  3. Divided States
  4. Landscapes, Interiors, Underworlds
  5. Making Sex Safe
  6. Small Wars
  7. The Celebrity Tour
  8. Goodbye Soldiers, Hello Everyone
Mark Lawson
produced by Robin Reid
27:52, 26142, S
27:51, 26117, S
27:55, 26185, S
27:57, 26211, S
27:58, 26233, S
28:00, 26263, S
27:58, 26228, S
28:00, 26263, S
04-May-2010 Pistols at Dawn --
real-life duels and the literature they influenced
Professor Justin Champion
Producer: Sarah Taylor
27:52, 26141, S
25-May-2010 Sidekick Frank Cottrell Boyce
produced by Jeff Byrd
27:57, 26206, S
01-Jul-2010 Carnegie Classics --
winning the Carnegie Medal for children's literature
Anne Fine
Producer: Angela Sherwin
28:03, 26300, S
14-Sep-2010 Character Assassins Fiona Lindsay
Producer: Chris Eldon Lee
28:04, 26316, S
14-Oct-2010 In Search of Faust Twm Morys
produced by Chris Taylor
27:50, 26110, S
Faking the Classics
  1. Shakespeare
  2. Mozart
Jonathan Bate, John Joe O’Neill,
Matt Ryan
Producer Sara Jane Hall
27:49, 26091, S
27:46, 26033, S
The Manchester Writers
northern social realism in the 1930s
John Harris
27:49, 26085, S
08-Mar-2011 Emerald Noir: The Rise of Irish Crime Fiction Val McDermid
Producer: Robyn Read
27:53, 26148, S
01-Apr-2011 The Artiness of Naughtiness Presenter: Toby Amies
Producer: Rob Alexander
27:57, 26207, S
26-Apr-2011 Tales from the Digital Archive --
authors writing on computers
Christine Finn
Producer: Marya Burgess
27:51, 26113, S
31-May-2011 In for the Kill --
the coming of age of black British crime fiction
Mike Phillips
Producer: Paula McGinley
27:44, 26013, S
23-Jun-2011 Vampires V Zombies! Natalie Haynes
produced by James Cook
28:02, 26285, S
30-Jun-2011 Does Happiness Write White? Catherine Blyth
produced by Faith Lawrence
27:31, 25810, S
05-Jul-2011 Tim Key's Suspended Sentence Tim Key
produced by Stephen Rodger
27:40, 25897, S
Cat Women of the Moon
1 relationships between the sexes
2 babies
Sarah Hall
produced by Nicola Swords
27:45, 25977, S
27:38, 25861, S
08-Sep-2011 Comp Lit
stories with gritty true life settings
Nick Baker
Producer: Tamsin Hughes
27:37, 25854, S
21-May-2012 Miles Jupp in a Locked Room Miles Jupp
produced by David Stenhouse
27:56, 26145, S
08-Jun-2012 The Man Who Saves Life Stories --
Diary collections
Irving Finkel
Producer: Tamsin Hughes
27:43, 25940, S
28-Jun-2012 The Uncanny Hugh Haughton
Producer: Simon Hollis
27:52, 26073, S
09-Jul-2012 Ann Widdecombe's Hell Hounds and Night Hags Ann Widdecombe
produced by David Stenhouse
27:44, 25958, S
03-Sep-2012 Mr Jupitus in the Age of Steampunk Phill Jupitus
Producer: Tamsin Hughes
27:40, 25891, S
10-Sep-2012 to
The History of the Future
  1. The Oracle of Delphi
  2. The Druids
  3. The Book of Revelation
  4. Nostradamus
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci
    omnibus 1 
  6. Malthus
  7. Marx
  8. HG Wells
  9. George Orwell
  10. The Future from Here
    omnibus 2
Juliet Gardiner
Produced by Victoria Shepherd
13:55, 13032, S
14:03, 13162, S
13:56, 13047, S
13:57, 13070, S
14:04, 13179, S
57:02, 53366, S

14:01, 13127, S
14:00, 13118, S
13:57, 13063, S
14:00, 13103, S
13:46, 12893, S
57:01, 53351, S
05-Nov-2012 Justice Between the Covers --
legal storytelling and legal history
Helena Kennedy
Producer: Simon Hollis
28:04, 26261, S
15-Nov-2012 Words on Water Presented and produced by Mike Greenwood 27:50, 26056, S
26-Nov-2012 When Harry Potter Met Frodo:
The Strange World of Fan Fiction
Naomi Alderman
Produced by Russell Finch
27:44, 25956, S
08-Mar-2013 Eat, Pray, Write a Memoir Ian McMillan
Producer: Janet Graves
13:44, 12860, S
Shakespeare and Company
Stuart Maconie
Producers: John Leonard and Ruth Fitzsimons
27:48, 26011, S

Date Title Cast Parameters
12-Jan-2004 to
27-Dec-2004 to
2000 Tales
The Canterbury Tales retold
in a contemporary setting
  1. Robert Glennister, Francis Tolty, Karl Gross,
    Eleanor Bron, Zeta Satter,
    Written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, Christina
    Reid, Nick Dark, Marcy Kahan
    Music by Sylvia Hallett
    Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  2. Eleanor Bron, Elizabeth Spriggs, Madaf
    Sharma,  Paul Battatcharjee, Myra Sayal,
    Prianga Annan, Richenda Carey, Mary Wimbush,
    Barbara Lee-Hunt, Zeta Satter
    Written by Marcy Kahan, Peter Sanson,
    Ruksana Ahmed, Carl Miller
    Music by Sylvia Hallett
    Directed by Tracey Neill and Jeremy Mortimer
  3. Joseph Fines, Warren Mitchell, Lesley Manville,
    Zeta Satter
    Written by Glyn Maxwell, Jeremy Front,
    Sarah Dangles
    Music by Sylvia Hallett
    Directed by Mary Peete
  4. Barbara Lee-Hunt, Mary Wimbush, David Swift,
    Terence Edmond, Richenda Carey, Susannah
    Hamilton, Tom George, Andrew Scott,
    Maureen O’Brien, Sophie Walsh, Doreen Keogh,
    Zeta Satter
    Written by Cara Miller, John Mortimer,
    Lynn Coughlin
    Music by Sylvia Hallett
    Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Tracey Neill
  5. Jessica Stevenson, Joss Acklund, Henry
    Goodman, Pitt Donahy, Dominca Cinque,
    Darren Tighe, Zeta Satter
    Written by Jill Adams, Angela Risik,
    Sebastian Baczkiewicz
    Music by Sylvia Hallett
    Directed by Mary Peete
  6. Tim Pigott-Smith, Trevor Nichols, Melinda
    Walker, Maureen Beatty, Jimmy Mystery,
    Penny Derby, Forbes Masson, Tracey Wiles,
    Charles Simpson, Susannah Hamilton, Victor
    Spinetti, Paul Battercharjee, Richenda Carey,
    Mo Sessi, Michael Legg, Robert Glennister,
    Thomas Arnold, Helen Ayres, Kenny Blythe,
    Claire Corbett, Jasmine Hyde, Alex Trinder,
    Zeta Satter
    Written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, Lee
    Jackson, Ian Hegley, Howard Baines,
    Mahesh Titani,  Liz Lockhead, Barry Keith,
    Sally Ponkling (?)
    Music by Sylvia Hallett
    Directed by Tracey Neill, Mary Peete,
    Jeremy Mortimer
43:38, 40916, S
44:07, 41369, S
44:07, 41369, S
44:00, 41266, S
44:05, 41330, S
117:52, 82885, S
08-Sep-2006 The Unexpected European
Made in six European countries, these
plays explore and challenge our
perception of ourselves, providing a
snapshot of Europe today.
  • The Unexpected Dane, Danish Radio by
    Kasper Hoff, translated by
    Jonathan Sydenham
    Ian Burns, Peter Zhelder
    Sound design Helga Prip
    director Anders Lundorph
    producer Jesper Bergmann
    With thanks to David Petri
  • The Unexpected Finn, YLE, Finland, by
    Harri Virtanen,
    translated by Aleksis Meaney
    Pirkka-Pekka Petelius, Taisto Oksanen
    Sound Anders Wiksten
    director Mikko Ahonen
    producer Pekka Kyro
  • Rehn Dogs, Radio Bremen, Germany by
    Alexander Adolph
    Svenja Pages, Lutz Herkenrath
    Sound Peter Nielson and Claudia Jira
    assistant director: Wolfgang Seesko
    director: Hans Helge Ott
    producer Holger Rink
  • Rain in My Suitcase, BBC Radio Drama,
    Manchester, by Rommi Smith
    Beru Tessema,Will Tacey
    Lullaby sung by Nahla Eljack
    Sound design: Steve Brooke
    broadcast assistant: Joanne Wheatcroft
    producer Polly Thomas
    With thanks to Ali Hussein, chair,
    Leeds Sudanese Association
  • Donald and I, Radio France, by
    Fabrice Melquiot,
    translated by Myriam Heard
    Gregoire Oestermann, Nicolas Raccah
    Sound design: Claude Niort
    director Myron Meeron
    With thanks to Frank Smith and
    Blandine Masson
  • Expecting Rain, HRT, Croatia, by
    Dubravko Mihanovic,
    translator/editor/director Mislav Brecic
    Jelena Miholjevic, Rakan Rushaidat
    Music editor Mate Matisic
    sound engineer Lana Gospodnetic
A collaboration between Danish Radio, Finnish
Radio, Radio Bremen, BBC Radio Drama, Radio
France and Croatian Radio. It was produced
with the assistance of the EBU Radio
Development Fund.
57:30, 53922, S
22-Sep-2012 to

Series 2
08-Jul-2013 to
Foreign Bodies:
A History Of Modern Europe Through
Literary Detectives
  1. Hercule Poirot and Jules Maigret
  2. Inspector Barlach
  3. Lieutenant Boruvka
  4. Commissaris Van Der Valk
  5. Inspector Martin Beck
    omnibus 1
  6. Commander Dalgliesh and Chief
    Inspector Wexford
  7. Inspector Rogas
  8. PI Pepe Carvalho
  9. DCI Jane Tennison
  10. Inspector Montalbano
    omnibus 2
  11. PI Kemal Kayankaya
  12. DI John Rebus
  13. Kurt Wallander and Lisbeth Salander
  14. Harry Hole
  15. Erast Fandorin
    omnibus 3
Series 2
  1. Greece - Inspector Costas Haritos
  2. Argentina - Superintendent
    Perro Lascano
  3. Ireland - Inspector Benedict Devlin
  4. South Africa - Detective Captain
    Bennie Griessel
  5. Screenland - DS Ellie Miller,
    DI Sarah Lund, Captain Laure Berthaud
Series 3
  1. Cuba (Communism)
  2. USA (Anti-Communism)
  3. Poland
  4. Australia
  5. Nigeria
Mark Lawson
Producer: Robyn Read,
(series 2) Megan Jones
13:31, 12666, S
13:26, 12584, S
13:35, 12719, S
13:46, 12896, S
13:42, 12832, S
56:42, 53057, S

13:48, 12921, S
13:51, 12968, S
13:47, 12914, S
13:42, 12833, S
13:34, 12713, S
56:49, 53160, S

13:44, 12859, S
13:48, 12931, S
13:53, 12994, S
13:42, 12832, S
13:41, 12815, S
56:50, 53168, S

13:55, 13026, S
13:25, 12566, S
13:40, 12804, S
13:52, 12980, S
13:39, 12785, S
57:02, 53384, S

13:31, 12653, S
13:29, 12633, S
13:47, 12903, S
13:38, 12770, S
13:49, 12938, S
13-Feb-2011 to
A Short History of Vampires
  1. Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker
  2. Hero Dust by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  3. Israbel by Tanith Lee
  4. Quid Pro Quo by Tanya Huff
Natalie Haynes
  1. Read by Dan Stevens
  2. Read by David Horovitch
  3. Read by Mark Bonnar and Claire Harry
  4. Read by Genevieve Adam

Abridged and produced by Gemma Jenkins

26:54, 25227, S
28:29, 26707, S
28:27, 26669, S
28:33, 26763, S
25-Apr-2011 Ten Lessons in Love
  1. You never know when you're
    going to fall in love by Nick Warburton
  2. More often than not, your dream
    date will be a nightmare by
    Bola Agbaje
  3. Beware of skeletons in the closet
    Written and performed by Josie Long
  4. Remain interested; don't yawn
    at least by Tim Key
  5. When your heart freezes it's time
    to leave the building
    by Rebecca Lenkiewicz
  6. Love is fickle
    Written and performed by Josie Long
  7. Being alone doesn't have to mean
    being lonely By Nick Payne
  8. Love's worth fighting for
    The real-life story of Dane and Lenka
  9. Love can't be pinned down
    Written and performed by Josie Long
  10. Ignore all previous lessons
  1. Sean Baker, Nyasha Hatendi, Alex Tregear
  2. Zawe Ashton, Femi Oyeniran
  3. Josie Long
  4. Tim Key, Alex Tregear, Stuart McLoughlin
  5. Sally Orrock, Daniel Rabin
  6. Josie Long
  7. Stuart McLoughlin, Alex Tregear
  8. Produced by Rich Ward
  9. Josie Long
  10. Sean Baker, Jane Whittenshaw, Nyasha
    Hatendi, Alex Tregear, Stuart Mcloughlin
Directed by James Robinson
43:37, 40892, S
09-Jan-2012 to
Stop What You're Doing and Read This
  1. Memories and Expectations by
    Michael Rosen
  2. A Bed. A Book. A Mountain by
    Jeanette Winterson
  3. Mindful Reading by Tim Parks
  4. True Daemons by Carmen Callil
  5. The Right Words in the Right
    Order by Mark Haddon
  1. Read by Michael Rosen
  2. read by Jeanette Winterson
  3. read by Tim Parks
  4. read by Carmen Callil
  5. read by Mark Haddon
abridged by Mark McCallum
Producer: David Roper
14:06, 13208, S
14:06, 13202, S
14:05, 13186, S
13:57, 13062, S
14:04, 13169, S
Bringing the War Home – anthology
  1. Jennifer Maiden's satiric verse drama
    'Guarding the Cenotaph'
  2. Kieran Finnane's powerful monologue
    'The Prisoner'
  3. 'The Covenant' by Merlinda Bobis
  4. an excerpt from Eliot Weinberger's
    What I Heard About Iraq, a
    documentary prose poem
Jane Ulman 51:14, 48033, S
15-Jul-2013 to
Dog Days
  1. The Call of the Wild by Jack London
  2. Flush by Virginia Woolf
  3. Sirius by Olaf Stapledon
  4. Niki by Tibor Dery
  5. My Dog Tulip by J. R. Ackerley
Robert Hanks
Producer: Tim Dee
13:46, 12894, S
13:46, 12895, S
13:46, 12897, S
13:40, 12799, S
13:40, 12791, S

Anonymous and Traditional Literature, Folklore
02-May-2005 to
Cornish Tales
  1. Tommyknockers
  2. Giants
  3. Smugglers, Pirates and Wreckers
  4. Strange Love Stories
  5. Mermaids and Standing Stones
Produced by Karen Rose 14:03, 6593, m
13:27, 6308, m
13:58, 6551, m
14:19, 6715, m
13:50, 6489, m
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Said Jaffray, Patrice Myambane, Nina
Wadia, Paminda Nagra, Giles Terrera
Musical soundtrack by Paul Okenfalls
58:05, 54465, S
17-May-2004 to

17-Jul-2006 to
A Thousand and One
  1. Scheherazade
  2. Found in Translation
  3. Aladdin
  4. Open Sesame
  5. The Historian and the Storyteller
Robert Irwin
Produced by Joe Glanville
Readings by Rene Killarney
14:01, 13203, S
14:01, 13142, S
14:06, 13154, S
13:57, 13216, S
14:05, 13075, S
27-Dec-2004 If the Slipper Fits 
The international variations of the
Cinderella story
Produced by Kim Normanton and Nigel Atchison 27:55, 26176, S
19-Feb-2005 Losing the Children
The story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin
Michael Rosen
Readings by Andrew Sachs
Produced by Liz Pearson
27:53, 26154, S
Storytellers Adrian Chiles 28:07, 26365, S

The Night the Animals Talked Ian Macmillan
Reading by Alice Arnold
Produced by Viv Beebe
28:07, 26365, S
26-Apr-2007 Three Sisters Sheila McClennon
Producer Geoff Bird
28:21, 26586, S
27-Dec-2009 The Kalevala: Finland's National Epic Nick Hennessey
produced by Phil Smith
and Simon Jacobs
25:00, 23439, S
05-Dec-2011 Three Wishes Janet Ellis
Producer Geoff Bird
27:49, 26035, S
The Mahabharata
Paul Battacharjee, Nitin Ganatra, Raad Rawi, Sam
Dale, Zubin Varla, Paul Bazely, Danny Sapani,
Sasha Behar, Sudha Buchar, Indira Joshi,
Jude Akuwudike
Dramatised by Jatinder Verma and Claudia Mayer
Composer Niraj Chag; director Claire Grove
57:11, 53616, S
57:11, 53612, S
57:11, 53614, S
Maadai-Kara -
the epic Altai poem from southern Siberia
Benjamin Zephaniah
Produced by Ruth Hedges
28:13, 26465, S
10-Jul-2011 Pearl -- anonymous 14th century poem
Julian May
27:37, 25850, S
30-Sep-2013 to
Beowulf translated and read by Seamus Heaney
Produced by Susan Roberts
13:10, 12326, S
14:05, 13194, S
13:47, 12904, S
13:18, 12449, S
13:37, 12759, S
13:34, 12707, S
13:44, 12857, S
14:04, 13193, S
13:55, 13039, S
13:56, 13043, S
31-Dec-2012 to
Belle de Jour's History of Anon
  1. The Importance of Namelessness
  2. Writers and Readers
  3. The Anonymous Woman
  4. Anonymity and Accountability
  5. Identity and Control
Brooke Magnanti
produced by Monise Dhurani
13:46, 12898, S
13:49, 12931, S
13:46, 12890, S
13:45, 12877, S
13:50, 12947, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters