Joyce, James

Last Edited: 14-Nov-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

16-Jun-2012 Ulysses
  1. 8am The Martello Tower
  2. 8am From Bloom's House, through
    the Morning Streets, to a Funeral
  3. 11am From the Beach, to a Newspaper
    Office, into Davy Byrne's Pub
  4. The Library, through the Lunchtime
    Streets, to the Ormond Hotel
  5. 5pm In Barney Kiernan's Pub
  6. 8pm From Sandymount Beach at
    Evening, to the Maternity Hospital,
    and into Nighttown
  7. 1am From a Cabman's Shelter, to
    Eccles Street and Home
Stephen Rea, Andrew Scott, Kevin Trainor,
Harry Livingstone, Janet Moran, Ronan
Raftery, Jim Norton, Joshua Ellershaw,
Aidan Dunlop, Henry Goodman, Niamh
Cusack, Grainne Keenan, Stephen Hogan,
Des McAleer, Jonathan Forbes, Bronagh
Taggart, Christine Absalom, John Rogan,
Sean Campion, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Lorcan
Cranitch, Gerard McDermott, Denise Gough,
Pip Donaghy, Frances Barber, Susie Riddell
Singer Daire Halpin
Pianist Colin Guthrie
Dramatised by Robin Brooks
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer, Jonquil Panting
Produced by Jeremy Mortimer
Executive Producer Claire Grove
From the podcasts to
avoid the chatter by
BBC R4 personalities
  1. 14:42, 14310, S
  2. 27:57, 36834, S
  3. 26:02, 24978, S
  4. 54:44, 51864, S
  5. 22:26, 21623, S
  6. 104:51, 98741, S
  7. 55:25, 52483, S
Ulysses Jim Norton
unknown cast
43 files
4:50:09, 259 MB, S
29-Jul-1991 to
Ulysses Read by Norman Rodway, Stephen Rea, James
Greene, Sinead Cusack
With David Bannerman, Sean Barratt, Chris
Dunne, Terence Edmund, Ronald Herdman,
Miriam Kelly, Joanna Myers, Gerard O'Hare,
Hilary Reynolds, John Rogan, Brett Usher,
Margaret Whiting
Adapted by John Scotney
Music by Elizabeth Parker
Produced by Peter Kavanagh
86:21, 80954, S
87:55, 82416, S
87:38, 82158, S
86:24, 81004, S
03-Feb-2014 to
  1. The Sisters
  2. An Encounter
  3. Araby
  4. Eveline
  5. After the Race
  6. Two Gallants
  7. The Boarding House
  8. A Little Cloud
  9. Counterparts
  10. Clay
  11. A Painful Case
  12. Ivy Day in the Committee Room
    (Part One)
  13. Ivy Day in the Committee Room
    (Part Two)
  14. A Mother
  15. Grace (Part One)
  16. Grace (Part Two)
  17. The Dead (Part One)
  18. The Dead (Part Two)
  19. The Dead (Part Three)
  20. The Dead (Part Four)
Abridged by Doreen Estall
Read by Stephen Rea
Produced by Stephen Wright
14:04, 13176, S
13:49, 12940, S
13:55, 13025, S
14:02, 13147, S
13:53, 13005, S
14:08, 13241, S
13:57, 13069, S
14:03, 13154, S
14:02, 13134. S
13:52, 12983, S
14:15, 13337, S
14:03, 13163, S
13:54, 13012, S
14:01, 13119, S
13:58, 13083, S
14:01, 13124, S
13:58, 13075, S
14:02, 13142, S
14:07, 13226, S
13:58, 13084, S
Distant Music by Christopher Fitz-Simon,
based on The Dead by James Joyce
(from The Dubliners)
Dermott Crowley, Katherine Byrne, Kate
Binchey, Maggie Whiting, Lisa-Anna
McCloughlin, Hillary Reynolds, Nigel Anthony,
Annabelle Mullion, Pauline Delaney, Mark
Lambert, David Antrobus, Marcella Riardon,
Ian Masters
Adapted by Christopher Fitz-Simon
Directed by Peter Kavannagh
84:34, 79314, S
10-Oct-1998 to
  1. A Mother
  2. A Painful Case
  3. After the Race
  4. Two Gallants
  5. The Boarding House
  6. A Little Cloud
  7. Counterparts
  1. Nigel Anthony, Amanda Burton,
    Catherine Cusack, Lloyd Hutchinson,
    Olivia Ryan, Nicholas Bolton, Tony
    Rhawar, Killin Mckennon, Maggie Whiting,
    Dilly Keane

  2. Christopher Fitz-Simon, Doreen Keogh,
    Angeline Ball, Jim Norton, Dermot Crowley,
    Mark Lambert, Kevin Flood, Marion
    O'Dwyer, TP McKenna

  3. Nigel Anthony, Ben Crowe, Peter
    Czajkowski, John Rowe, Matthew
    Freeman, Gerard 0 Hare, Philip Rham

  4. Bosco Hogan, Joe Taylor, Andrew Scott,
    Barry McGovern
  5. Jim Norton, Mark Lambert, Stephen
    Hogan, Hillary Reynolds, TP McKenna
  6. Ciaran Hinds, Denis Quilligan, Michael
    Maloney, TP McKenna
  7. Ciaran Hinds, Breffni McKenna, Liam
    Hurricane, Marcella Riordan, Dennis
    Quilligan, Nell Murphy, Stanley
    Townsend, Nigel Anthony
Adapted by Christopher Fitz-Simon (1-2)
Dramatised by Felicity Hayes-McCoy (3)
Dramatised by Hugh Leonard (4)
Dramatised by David Pownall (5)
Dramatised by Alan Berrie (6, 7)
Directed by Peter Kavanagh (1-2, 4, 6-7),
Eoin O'Callaghan (3, 5)
  1. 57:08, 53592, S
  2. 56:52, 53345, S
  3. 44:16, 51916, S
  4. 41:30, 38937, S
  5. 45:14, 53051, S
  6. 43:44, 41046, S
  7. 43:59, 41275, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Blind Date with Bloomsday
Peter White
Producer Mark Smalley
27:41, 25959, S
14-Jun-2012 In Our Time -- James Joyce's Ulysses    
16-Jun-2012 Ulysses Today
Mark Lawson, Anne Fogarty, Declan Kiberd, Claire Kilroy,
David Park
Producer: Phil Tinline
43:10, 40389, S
Dubliners -- Walking with the Dead
Colm Tóibín
produced by Emma Harding
27:32, 25765, S
Mr Joyce's Looking Glass
(part of The Dubliners season)
Written & presented by David Norris
Readers: Gabrial Burne, Barry McGovern, Bosker Hogan
Produced by Ian Kirk-Smith
28:27, 26710, S