Comedy H

Last Edited: 04-Dec-2015 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas

Ha Ha
Hagen's Circus (Australian OTR)
Hair in the Gate
Half My Age Plus Seven
Half Sketch (Half Biscuit)
Half-Open University, The
(Hamish and Dougal) You'll Have Had Your Tea
Hancock's Half Hour
Happy Families
Happy Mondays (and Tuesdays)
Hard to Tell
Hardeep at The Stand
Hare Lane Diaries, The
Harpoon, The
Harry Hill's Fruit Corner
Harvey Brinkle Story
Have I Got News for You (BBC TV)
Headset Set, The
Hearing with Hegley
Heated Rollers
Hello Cheeky
Henning Knows Best
Henry Normal's Encyclopedia Poetica
Here Be Dragons (Radio Wales)
Heroes of Comedy (TV documentaries)
High Table, Lower Orders
Hinge and Brackett
His Master's Voice
History of Radio Comedy (1987 series)
History of Rock
History Retweeted
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Hobby Bobbies
Holland's Shorts
Hollow Men, The
Hollywood Screams
Hopes and Desires
Hordes of the Things
Horrible Histories
Hot Gossip
House of Milton Jones, The
House of the Spirit Levels, The
House on Fire
How Did We End Up Like This
How Does that Make You Feel
How Tickled Am I
Howaay the Laughs
Hudd and Quantick's Global Village
Hudson and Pepperdine
Hush Hush Here Comes the Bolshie Man
Hut 33

Hamilton, Andy
Handley, Tommy
Harding, Mike
Hardy, Jeremy
Harris, Rolf
Hawks, Tony
Hawtrey, Charles
Hill, Benny
Hoffnung, Gerard
Hole in the Wall Gang
Holloway, Stanley
Hope, Bob
Horne, Kenneth
Howerd, Frankie
Hudd, Roy
Hull, Rod
Humphries, Barry
Hutton, Betty