Comedy A

Last Edited: 07-Mar-2016 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas

ABC Quiz (Australian)
About a Dog
Absent Friends (Documentary)
Absolute Power
Absolutely Delish
Acropolis Now
Act Your Age
Actor's Life for Me, An
Adam and Joe's Famous Guy
Adventures of John and Tony, The
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The (US)
After Henry

Al Murray's Judgment Day
Al Read Classics
Al Read Expo, The
Al Read Show, The
Aladdin (see Pantos)
Alan Carr and Friends
Alan Carr's Comedy Outings
Alan Davies Show, The
Alan Parker's 59 Minutes of Truth
Albert and Me
Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section

Alexei Sayle's Alternative Take
Alice's Wunderland

Alison and Maud 
All Bar Luke
All Gas and Gaiters
All the Right Notes
All the Way from Memphis

All the World's a Globe
All the Young Dudes
Alun Cochrane's Fun House
Always the Bridesmaid
Amos n' Andy
Ampol Show (Australian)

And Now in Colour
And the Winner Is
Andrew Lawrence - How Did We End Up Like This
Andrew Maxwell's Public Enemies
Andy Zaltzman's History of the Third Millennium
Animal Vegetable Mineral
Another Case of Milton Jones
Any Bloke
Any Other Business
Anything Legal
Ape that Got Lucky, The
Architects, The
Are You Being Served? (TV)
Are You from the Bugle?
Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive
Armstrong and Miller
Arnold Brown and Company
Arthur Haynes Show
Arthur Smith's Balham/Edinburgh Bash
Arthur Smith's Last Hangover
Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen
As Time Goes By
As Told to Craig Brown
Associated London Scripts (Documentary)
At Home With Hinge And Bracket
At Home with the Hardys
At Home with the Snails
At Last the 1948 Show
At the Beeb
Atkinson People
Atlantic Show (Australian)
Attractive Young Rabbi
Au Pairs
Audio Diaries
Australia's Amateur Hour
Ayres on the Air

Abbott and Costello
Adams, Douglas
Allen, Dave
Allen, Woody
Askey, Arthur
Atkinson, Rowan
Aunty Jack
Austen Tayshus