Arthur Smith's Balham/Edinburgh Bash

Last Edited: 17-Apr-2012 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Three series and one special. Broadcast on BBC R4 and repeated on BBC R7/4X.

Date Episode Title Cast Parameters
1-1 untitled Arthur Smith, Pippa Evans
Paul Sinha, Milton Jones, Glenn Tilbrook
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
27:36, 25888, S
14-Jul-2009 1-2 untitled Arthur Smith, Pippa Evans
Stephen K Amos, Matthew Holness, Benjamin Zephaniah
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
27:43, 25994, S
21-Jul-2009 1-3 untitled Arthur Smith, Pippa Evans
Micky Flanagan, Nat Luurtsema, Seann Walsh
produced by Sam Michell
27:33, 25836, S
1-4 untitled Arthur Smith, Pippa Evans
Reginald D. Hunter, Sophie Ellis-Bextor
produced by Sam Michell
27:24, 25701, S
15-Apr-2010 2-1 untitled Arthur Smith
Janice Connolly, John Hegley, Andrew Lawrence
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
27:31, 25809, S
22-Apr-2010 2-2 untitled Arthur Smith
Miles Jupp, Tom Wrigglesworth, Elvis McGonagall, Paloma Faith
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
27:44, 26004, S
29-Apr-2010 2-3 untitled Arthur Smith
Henry Paker, Richard Herring, Doc Brown
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
27:13, 25530, S
06-May-2010 2-4 untitled Arthur Smith
Josh Widdicombe, Marlon Davis, Phill Jupitus
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith (announced as
Simon Mayhew-Archer)
27:47, 26050, S
26-Aug-2010 special Arthur Smith's Edinburgh
Arthur Smith
Emo Phillips, Russell Kane, Simon Donald, Kate Fox, Clanadonia
produced by ?
27:10, 25470, S
3-1 untitled Arthur Smith
Katie Melua, Roisin Conaty, Alun Cochrane and Nick Helm
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
27:52, 26133, S
3-2 untitled Arthur Smith
Jenny Eclair, Simon Evans, Kate Fox and Alex Wilson's salsa Orchestra
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
26:36, 24940, S
3-3 untitled Arthur Smith
Sean Lock and Annette Fagon and music from Squeeze
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
27:29, 25773, S
3-4 untitled Arthur Smith
Billy Jenkins, Kevin Eldon, Imran Yusuf and Kate Fox
produced by Alison Vernon-Smith
27:53, 26153, S

Arthur Smith's Last Hangover
Date Title Cast Parameters
26-Nov-2002 Arthur Smith's Last Hangover
Arthur Smith, Ronnie Gold, Caroline Quentin
written by Arthur Smith and Dave Cohen
produced by Lucy Armitage
28:06, 26357, S

Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen
Date Title Cast Parameters
Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen
Arthur Smith 56:34, 50442, S

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