Last Edited: 27-Sep-2019 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
04-Jan-2007 Crossing Continents โ€“ New Arrivals in Catalonia Marian Hens
Produced by Rosie Bidhoury
27:33, 25674, S
30-Aug-2007 Crossing Continents โ€“ Saving the Med Reporter: Julian Pettifer
Producer: Daniel Tetlow
28:06, 26347, S
08-Nov-2007 Crossing Continents โ€“ Spanish Thalidomide Victims Geoff Adams-Spink
Produced by Anna Raphael
28:08, 26383, S
02-Nov-2009 Repossessions in the Sun Ray Furlong
produced by Mark Smalley
27:50, 26109, S
07-Nov-2009 Where Do You Want Me (A Comic in Continental Crisis),
Benidorm, Spain
Johnny Vegas
produced by Sally Harrison
27:50, 26095, S
27-Aug-2011 Ibiza: Britain's Balearic Soul Kate O'Brien
Producer: Russell Crewe
27:25, 25666, S
The Freedom Trail
Edward Stourton

27:39, 25939, S
27:37, 25902, S
18-Jun-2012 Habana: The Children of the Spanish Civil War Producer: Amanda Bruckshaw
Exec Producer: Clive Brill
27:33, 25779, S
Stepping Stones of Islamic Spain -- Badalona Michael Portillo
Producer: David Morley
27:58, 26166, S
28:04, 26264, S
06-Aug-2012 to
A War of Words -- reporting the Spanish Civil War John Simpson
Producer: Neil Rosser
13:40, 12800, S
13:45, 12873, S
13:53, 13003, S
13:54, 13024, S
13:52, 12993, S
The Invention of Spain Misha Glenny
produced by Miles Warde
27:44, 25953, S
27:50, 26042, S
27:49, 26036, S
26-MAr-2013 Flashmob Flamenco Jason Webster
Producer: Chris Elcombe
27:34, 25820, S