Seventeen Seven (1707)

Last Edited: 26-Sep-2019
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
31-Mar-2007 1707: Take an Englishman and
a Scotsman
Graeme Garden
Produced by Mark Rickards

27:58, 26234, S
01-Apr-2007 1707: The Birth of Britain Allan Little
Written by George Rosie
With John Sessions as Daniel Defoe, Crawford Logan, Paul
Young, Simon Donaldson, Gerta Stevenson, Douglas Watts,
Jenny Wormalt, Chris Watley, Michael Frye, Alex Murdoch,
Chris Smout, Karen Bowie, Alan McGuiness
Produced by Dave Batchelor
52:20, 49074, S
02-Apr-2007 to
1707: In the Footsteps of Defoe
Sarfraz Manzoor
Produced by Patrick Gregory
4 files
55:15, 50.5 MB, S
Analysis --
1707: Bravehearts and Bankers
Richard Weight
Producer: Ingrid Hassler
27:54, 26169, S
06-Apr-2007 1707: Mony A Mickle: The Scots
and Money

Robert Peston
Produced by David Stenhouse
27:57, 26216, S