Psychiatry, Psychology

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Case Study
Five Hundred Years of Friendship
In Search of Ourselves: A History of Psychology and the Mind
Mind Changers
Date Title Cast Parameters
01-Jan-2002 to
Please Do Not Adjust Your Set
  1. It's on the Tip of My Tongue
  2. Been There, Done That
  3. Slips of Action
  4. Slips of Speech
  5. Sorry, I Was Miles Away.
Ben Silburn
Producer: Adrian Washbourne
5 files
1:11:18, 16.3 MB, m
01-Apr-2004 to
Voyeurs and Visionaries
Francine Stock
Producer: Stephen Hughes
28:04, 26327, S
28:00, 26252, S
27:52, 26136, S
The Art of Indecision --
decision research
Ian Peacock
produced by Ramit Sabah
28:11, 26436, S
27:53, 26147, S
14-Nov-2004 to
On Being Selfish
  1. Me, Me, Me
  2. Family Lore
  3. A Good Deed and a Hot Bath
Michael Rosen
Producer Paul Kobrak
3 files
42:25, 38.8 MB, S
08-Jun-2005 Abduction, Alienation and Reason
Psychiatric bases for alien abduction
Sue Nelson
Produced by Angela Hind
28:17, 26529, S
27-Jun-2005 to
Real Frasiers, The
Raj Persaud
Producer: Simon Jacobs
5 files
1:10:50, 64.8 MB, S
18-Jul-2005 to
Being Yourself
The Same Name Syndrome
  1. Ian MacMillan
  2. Jan Ravens
  3. Ian Clayton
  4. Fine Time Fontayne (Ian Crossley)
  5. Claire Jenkins
Ian MacMillan, Jan Ravens, Ian Clayton,
Fine Time Fontayne, Claire Jenkins
Produced by Claire Jenkins
14:08, 13254, S
14:00, 13136, S
14:05, 13216, S
14:14, 13352, S
14:11, 13314, S
Imaginary Friends
Producer: Sarah Taylor
28:16, 26515, S
Caring beyond Reason
Producers Kim Normanton and Nigel Acheson
27:48, 26071, S
26-Jul-2006 to
Me and My Memory
  1. Prosopagnosia
  2. Developmental amnesia
  3. The Memory Champion
  4. False memories
  5. Mild cognitive impairment
Bonnie-Kate Dewar
Producer Pamela Rutherford
5 files
1:12:25, 66.3 MB, S
07-Aug-2006 to
On Being Inferior
Michael Rosen
Producer: Emma Kingsley
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56:22, 51.6 MB, S
15-Apr-2007 to
National Obsession
  1. Sleep
  2. Sport
  3. Music
  4. Travel
  5. Food
Producer Samuel Bryant
5 files
1:11:41, 65.8 MB, S
Men Read Maps, Women Gossip
Vivienne Parry, Quentin Cooper, Robin Dunbar
Producer: Anna Buckley
4 files
54:37, 50,0 MB, S
Tony Hawks Gets Lost In the Afternoon
Tony Hawks, Gustav Kuhn, Richard Morris
Producer: Janet Graves
13:58, 13097, S
Inside Intuition
Mark Lythgoe
Producer: Michelle Martin
27:23, 25683, S
Image of a Troubled Mind
Mark Lythgoe
Producer: Andrew Luck-Baker
28:18, 26542, S
The Pain of Emotion

Vivienne Parry
Produced by Geraldine Fitzgerald

28:02,26287, S
The Criminal Mind
Joshua Rozenberg
Producer Brian King
28:12, 26438, S
Revealing the Mind Bender General
James Maw
28:10, 26414, S
What's in Your Head?
Produced by Kim Normanton, Elizabeth Burke
27:59, 26238, S
Rewriting the Psychiatrist's Bible
Matthew Hill
36:29, 34214, S

Aping Evolution
evolutionary psychology       

Steve Jones
produced by Geraldine Fitzgerald

27:57, 26209, S
28:04, 26318, S

Tempus Fugit -- time perception       

Ian Peacock
produced by Fiona Roberts

28:03, 28306, S
Super Recognisers
Claudia Hammond
produced by Pamela Rutherford

27:55, 26173, S
Follow the Leader --
the psychology of leadership
Carolyn Quinn
Producer: Michelle Martin
27:53, 26145, S
27:54, 26164, S
The Sound of Fear
Sean Street
Producer: Julian May

27:55, 26127, S
Unravelling Eve
Clare Dolman
Producer: Philippa Goodrich
27:39, 25934, S
25-Mar-2012 Writing Madness Vivienne Parry
Producer: Simon Hollis
27:59, 16189, S
11-May-2012 The Trouble with Moody Teens Miranda Sawyer
Producer: Sara Parker
27:47, 26008, S
04-Jun-2012 Desperately Seeking Sympathy Jolyon Jenkins 27:46, 25990, S
06-Jun-2012 A Straight Question Jackie Clune
produced by Sarah Conkey
27:16, 25524, S
16-Jul-2012 to
Hardeep Seeks Serenity
  1. Simon Barnes
  2. Kay Lucas
  3. Chris Dangerfield
  4. Maria Mansari
  5. Akram Khan
Hardeep Singh Kohli
Producer: Richard Bannerman
13:42, 12836, S
13:34, 12727, S
13:48, 12931, S
13:33, 12697, S
13:44, 12862, S
25-Jul-2012 Dr Inkblot --
Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach
Jo Fidgen
Produced by Alan Hall
27:47, 26001, S
17-Aug-2012 I'm Suzy and I'm a Phobic Suzy Klein
Produced by David Morley
27:46, 26138, S
20-Aug-2012 The Cabinet of Animosities Cathy FitzGerald
Produced by Cathy FitzGerald and Matt Thompson
27:41, 25902, S
28-Aug-2012 Helping Hamlet:
Can Science Cure Procrastination?
Rowan Pelling
produced by David Stenhouse
27:43, 25942, S
17-Sep-2012 To Russia with Jung Chris Ledgard 27:40, 25891, S
19-Sep-2012 Every Day in Every Way Gillian Darley
produced by Tom Alban
27:40, 25886, S
17-Oct-2012 Hallucination: Through the Doors of Perception Geoff Watts
produced by Ramit Tzabar
27:36, 25839, S
11-Dec-2012 Analysing the Child Sex Offender Susie Orbach
Producers: Marya Burgess and Sarah Bowen
27:45, 25976, S
02-Mar-2013 Hardeep's Game of Life -- gamification Hardeep Singh Kohli
Producer: Barney Rowntree
27:40, 25889, S
04-Mar-2013 Mad Houses Ken Arnold
Producer: Tim Dee
26:56, 25202, S
31-Mar-2012 Medicalising Grief Matthew Hill
Producer: Gemma Newby
28:00, 26242, S
02-Apr-2013 Dr Watson, I Presume --
the founder of Behaviourism
Louisa Foxe
Producer: David Coomes
27:26, 25701, S
On the Borderline Clare Allan
Producer: Leala Padmanabhan
27:39, 25916, S
23-Sep-2013 to
Our Dreams, Our Selves
  1. Morpheus Descending - Gods and
    Ghosts in the Ancient World
  2. Mystics and Melancholia: Radical
    Dreamers in the Middle Ages
  3. Renaissance Dreamers: Witches,
    Demons and the Troubles of Eros
  4. Dark Romantics and Opium Dreams
  5. Science and Psychoanalysis: the
    Recurring Dream of Sigmund Freud
Lucy Powell
Producer: Jane Greenwood
13:46, 12899, S
13:29, 12621, S
13:34, 12700, S
13:50, 12950, S
13:46, 12885, S
03-Mar-2014 to
The Value of Failure
  1. Arts
  2. Military
  3. Education
  4. Business
  5. Sport
  1. Anne Enright
  2. Air Vice Marshal Sean Bell
  3. Heather Hanbury
  4. Keith Cotterill
  5. Ed Smith
Producer: Catherine Carr
13:20, 12492, S
13:51, 12970, S
13:33, 12696, S
13:08, 12300, S
13:27, 12589, S
17-Aug-2015 to
How to Have a Better Brain
  1. Exercise
  2. Relaxation
  3. Stimulation
  4. Sleep
  5. Diet
Sian Williams
Producer: Dixi Stewart
5 files
1:09:53, 80.9 Mb, S