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History of Ideas, A
Ideas That Make Us, The
Philosopher's Arms, The
Public Philosopher, The

Date Title Cast Parameters
13-Jun-2005 to
This Sentence Is False
  1. Buridan's Ass
  2. Zeno's Tortoise
  3. Theseus's Ship
  4. Contradiction!
  5. The Surprise Hanging
Written by Peter Cave
Nick Romero , Anna Farnworth and Ewan Bailey
Producer Julian Mayers
5 files
1:09:54, 64.0 MB, S
The Reith Lectures 2009
  1. Markets and Morals 
  2. Morality in Politics
  3. Genetics and Morals
  4. A New Politics of the Common Good
Michael Sandel
Producer Jim Frank
4 files
2:50:37, 156 MB, S
The Swerve
The discovery of Lucretius'
On the Nature of Things
Stephen Greenblatt
Producer Stephen Handler
53:29, 50152, S
15-Aug-2012 In Pursuit of Dignity
Edward Stourton
Producer: Mark O'Brien
43:26, 40634, S