Northern Ireland

Last Edited: 01-Oct-2019
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
The Bonfire Makers
William Crawley
Producer: Stephen Douds

21-Sep-2005 Landscape without White Bungalow
Changes in the Donegal landscape
Kevin Connolly
Produced by Rachel Hooper
28:03, 26302, S
The Politics of Remembrance
Redevelopment of the former Maze Prison
Kevin Connolly
Produced by Eoin McFadden
28:11, 26425, S
24-May-2007 Seven Days ... in Stormont
Jenny Cuffe
Produced by Sally Chesworth
28:05,26420, S
02-Mar-2008 to
The Price of Peace
  1. Dealing with Gerry
  2. Dealing with the Big Man
  3. A Shared Future
John Ware
Produced Mark Olden and Jane Beresford
28:02, 26287, S
27:57, 26209, S
27:49, 26081, S
Enemies Within
British intelligence services' informers in Northern Ireland
Ruth McDonald
produced by Rachel Hooper
28:07, 16369, S
27:42, 25974, S
09-Mar-2009 Walls and Peace Gerry Anderson
produced by Rachel Hooper
27:47, 26051, S
24-Mar-2009 Peace Work -
Northern Ireland’s successful conflict resolution
Mark Devenport
produced by Rachel Hooper
27:46, 26039, S
18-May-2009 Foes Reunited Andy Martin
produced by Rachel Hooper
28:08, 26389, S
Peace In Our Time - And What Followed It Tara Mills
produced by Rachel Hooper
13:32, 12690, S
13:40, 12818, S
29-Nov-2009 Tarred and Feathered -
Rough Justice in Northern Ireland
Ruth McDonald
produced by Rachel Hooper
27:50, 26098, S
11-Jan-2010 Playing for the Common Ground --
sectarian divisions in sport in Northern Ireland
Gerry Anderson
produced by Rachel Hooper
27:40, 25939, S
09-Mar-2010 Belfast: Re-imagining the City Bill Drummond
produced by Rachel Hooper
27:40, 25939, S
20-Sep-2010 Reversing the Brain Drain Declan Curry
produced by Clare Burgoyne
27:41, 25959, S
13-Jul-2011 The Disappeared --
recovering IRA victim bodies
Andy Martin
Producer: Rachel Hooper
27:35, 25812, S
Border Business Declan Curry
Producer Regina Gallen, Claire Burgoyne
27:29, 25720, S
27:33, 25785, S
13-Apr-2012 Titanic Town Gerry Anderson
produced by Owen McFarren
27:36, 25836, S
22-Jun-2012 United Irishmen Tim Brannigan
Producer: Rachel Hooper
27:47, 26000, S
09-Jul-2012 In His Element --
Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson and Derry-Londonderry
Presenter: Ruth McDonald
Producer: Claire Burgoyne
27:37, 25850, S
12-Sep-2012 The Ceasefire Generation --
the eighteenth anniversary of the IRA ceasefire
Geoffrey Beattie
Producer: Owen McFadden
27:37, 25846, S
31-Dec-2012 Northern Ireland: Who Are We Now? William Crawley
Producer: Claire Burgoyne
27:34, 25793, S
01-Jul-2013 Shot in Belfast
Peter Curran
Producer: Owen McFadden
27:20, 25584, S