Last Edited: 05-Oct-2019
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Driven by Oil

Date Title Cast Parameters
Windscale Decommissioned: The End Of A Nuclear Era
Andrew Luck-Baker
Producer: Julia Durbin
27:25, 26927, S
04-Oct-2004 High Voltage
Peter White
Produced by Philip Sellers 
27:46, 26042, S
11-Apr-2005 to
The Energy Gap
  1. Meeting the Families
  2. Limiting the Energy Supply
  3. Transport
  4. Food
  5. Back to Normal 
Dan Damon
Produced by Doreen Walton 
14:07, 13243, S
13:57, 13087, S
14:04, 13196, S
14:07, 13240, S
14:10, 13298, S
13-Apr-2007 to
Energy Swap
Dan Damon
Clare Sutton 
28:01, 26274, S
27:52, 26138, S
28:00, 26251, S
Energising the West --
alternative energy in the West Country
Miriam O'Reilly
Produced by John Byrne 
27:43, 25987, S
27:23, 25679, S
09-Apr-2009  Power Failure? The Story of the Battery
Mark Miodownik
produced by Brian King 
28:17, 26524, S
21-Sep-2010  Nuclear Waste -- Yes in My Backyard
Richard Black
Producer: Fiona Hill 
36:49, 34523, S
The Light Switch Project
Toby Jones
produced by James Cook
27:56, 26197, S