Last Edited: 06-Jun-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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Date Title Cast Parameters
Infinite New Verses -
the Story of Chinese Poetry
Roshan Doug
Producer Laura Parfitt
28:22, 26598, S
28:03, 26298, S
The Throne of Poets
Michael Symmons Roberts
Producer Jeremy Grange
27:58, 26220, S
14-Feb-2005 Love Cuts
Poetry for Valentine’s Day
John Hegley with Andrew Bailey and Karen Tweed
Produced by Nigel Piper
29:02, 27222, S
08-Jan-2010 Jubilee Poetry Juliet Stevenson, Samantha Bond, Samuel West
presented by Andrew Motion
Producer Cherry Cookson
25:32, 23949, S
12-Mar-2006 Poems on the Range Ian Macmillan
Produced by Gary Brown
28:17, 26531, S
19-Mar-2006 Sappho, the Tenth Muse Jackie Kay
Produced by Susan Roberts
28:25, 26642, S
17-Apr-2006 to
With Love from Me to You A series of poetic exchanges between paired
contemporary poets living in the UK and Europe
and beyond. The poets correspond through email
and give us an insight into the online life of a
modern day poet.
  1. Christine de Luca and Rina Katajavuori,
    Producer Susan Roberts
  2. Stephen Knight and Imtiaz Dharker,
    Producer Carrie Rooney
  3. Paula Meehan and Kapka Kassabova
  4. Gillian Clarke and Sujata Bhatt
  5. Lavinia Greenlaw and Raphael Urweider,
    Producer Susan Roberts
14:08, 13258, S
14:05, 13219, S
14:01, 13153, S
14:03, 13182, S
13:51, 12999, S
02-Apr-2006 to

The Poetry of History
  1. Easter 1916
  2. 1819 Peterloo massacre
  3. The English Civil War
  4. TS Eliot and the Blitz
Jonathan Bate
Producer Julian May, Tom Alban, Martin Smith
27:56, 26139, S
27:39, 25878, S
27:39, 25871, S
28:01, 26206, S
23-Jul-2006 to
09-Sep-2007 to
Poetry Societies
  1. The Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society
  2. The Gujarati Writers Forum
  3. Ampleforth College
  4. The Yeats Society of Sligo
  1. The John Harris Society
  2. The East Coker Poetry Group
  3. The Pushkin Club
  4. The Friends of the Dymock Poets
Judith Palmer
Produced by Viv Beebe
Produced by Christine Hall
28:01, 26276, S
28:12, 26447, S
27:58, 26234, S
27:37, 25893, S
28:03, 26306, S
28:00, 26251, S
28:11, 26435, S
28:00, 26261, S
18-Nov-2006 Poets Don’t Drive Ian Macmillan
Produced by Sara Jane Hall
28:03, 26310, S
26-Nov-2006 I Wish I’d Looked after Me Teeth Paul Farley
Produced by emma Harding
28:05, 26329, S
Sing Your Own Psalms Shamshad Khan
Produced by Carmel
27:48, 26065, S
28:04, 26318, S
11-Dec-2006 to
How to Knit a Poem Gwyneth Lewis
Produced by Penny Arnold
14:02, 13171, S
14:01, 13153, S
13:57, 13082, S
14:00, 13137, S
10-Jul-2007 My Male Muse Clare Pollard
Produced by Tamsin Challenger
28:15, 26486, S
18-Dec-2007 Small Presses, Big Ideas Phill Jupitus
Produced by Jeff  Byrd
28:19, 26555, S
06-Jan-2008 A Poet's Song --
An exploration of the differences between
poetry and song
Paul Farley and Jo Shapcott
Produced by Ella Mae Robie
28:05, 26329, S
30-Mar-2008 Fred's Archive --
Fred Hunter's archive of recorded poets
Joan Bakewell
Produced by Neil Rosser
25:05, 23517, S
13-Mar-2008 to Josephine Hart Poetry Programme
  1. The unforgettable poetry of WWI
  2. Paradise Lost by John Milton
  3. dramatic monologues of Robert Browning
  4. WH Auden's life and work
Josephine Hart
Produced by Madeleine Brolly 
28:31, 20056, S
25:00, 23439, S
24:54, 23346, S
24:46, 23213, S
02-Apr-2008 to
Poets' Tree -- a spoof
Kevin Eldon, Stewart Lee
Producer: Ed Morrish
14:06, 13223, S
14:07, 13240, S
14:10, 13267, S
14:22. 13473, S
Poetry and the Russian Soul –
  1. And Poetry Awakens in Me
  2. Set the Hearts of Men on Fire with
    your Word
Martin Sixsmith
Produced by Mark Berman
25:01, 23459, S
25:11, 23621, S
09-Oct-2008 Blood, Sweat, Tears and Poetry Patience Agbabi
produced by Simon Evans
27:57, 26215, S
02-Nov-2008 Beanz Meanz Rhymz -- poetry and advertising Matt Harvey
produced by Mark Smalley
28:03, 26314, S
16-Nov-2008 Poetry from the Front Line Jonathan Charles
produced by Laura Parfit
28:18, 26540, S
24-Feb-2009 There was a Young Man from Limerick John Hegley
produced by Megan Jones
27:55, 26173, S
23-Aug-2009 Poems for Infant Minds Nigel Forde
produced by Tom Alban
28:02, 26292, S
30-Aug-2009 In Search of the Wantley Dragon Ian McMillan
produced by Russell Crewe
27:51, 26117, S
13-Oct-2009 to
Lyrical Ballads
  1. Lewti and The Thorn
  2. The Nightingale and the Lucy
  3. Tintern Abbey and Love
Julius D'Silva, Mark Meadows, Peter Gruffydd
Adapted and produced by Emma Harding

13:46, 12899, S
13:43, 12857, S
13:57, 13084, S
20-Dec-2009 Thomas Lynch's Season of Innocence Thomas Lynch
Produced by Kate Bland
25:51, 24246, S
28-Mar-2010 Suckers! Poet and Parasite Paul Farley
produced by Emma Harding
27:52, 26205, S
27-Jun-2010 Glastonbury Poetry Diaries Helen Gregory, Pete Hunter: Hollie McNish, Andreatta
Chuma: Dreadlock Alien
Producer: Sara Davies
27:05, 25403, S
29-Jun-2010 A Doggerel Bard Elvis McGonagall
Producer: Frank Stirling
27:56, 26190, S
29-Aug-2010 Norn But Not Forgotten -- Sounds of Shetland Daljit Nagra, Kathleen Jamie
produced by Mark Richards
27:56,26189, S
05-Sep-2010 Crazy For Love: Layla and the Mad Poet Anthony Sattin
Producer: Sara Jane Hall
28:05, 26329, S
03-Apr-2011 A House Divided:
The Poetry of the American Civil War
Allan Gurganus
Producer: Colin McNulty
27:50, 26109, S
24-Jul-2011 Down off the Pedestals --
dialect poets in the new industrial centres
Simon Armitage
Producer: Geoff Bird
28:04, 26273, S
Poetry Workshop Ruth Padel
Producers: Sara Davies and Sarah Langan
27:31, 25756, S
27:53, 26082, S
27:51, 26068, S
27:53, 26096. S
27:56, 26135, S
27:52, 26077, S
27:43, 25935, S
27:38, 25855, S
14-Aug-2011 Listen to Them Breathing -- Quaker Poetry Sibyl Ruth
Producer: Sara Davies
27:54, 26166, S
21-Aug-2011 Maledictions and Disaffections -
Poetry That Doesn't Please
Matthew Parris
produced by Tim Dee
27:43, 25945, S
04-Dec-2011 The Poetry of Aran Daljit Nagra
Producer: Jo Wheeler
27:50, 26042, S
11-Dec-2011 Guns, Roses and Poetry Readings Bill Herbert and Zoe Skoulding
Producer: Neil Cargill, Andrew Lahind
27:29, 25727, S
22-Jul-2012 The New Group -- Belfast poets Presenter: Ian Sansom
Producer: Claire Burgoyne
27:40, 25900, S
29-Jul-2012 Poetry 2012 - the Power of the Poem Kei Miller and Robyn Marsack
produced by Liza Greig
27:27, 25690, S
19-Aug-2012 The Seafarer Simon Armitage
Producer: Isabel Sutton
27:46, 25992, S
27-Aug-2012 to
Poetic Justice
  1. Treadmill
  2. Hope
  3. Crossroads
  4. Reflection
  5. Boundaries
Mr Gee
Produced by Andrew Wilkie and Adam Fowler
13:45, 12869, S
13:38, 12764, S
13:39, 12785, S
13:37, 12758, S
13:32, 12676, S
28-Oct-2012 Return to Oasis --
70th anniversary of The Oasis anthology
Mike Greenwood
Producer: Eve Streeter
27:45, 25972, S
31-Mar-2013 Rhyme and Reason Mr Gee
Producer: Julian May
27:46, 26012, S
The Bards of Whitelocks Bar
Jean Sprackland
Produced by Emma Harding
27:51, 26130, S
Poetry in Translation
Presenter: Daljit Nagra
Producer: Jessica Treen
27:45, 26002, S
The Sonnet and the Sword
Peggy Reynolds
produced by Luke Whitlock
27:45, 25972, S