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Last Edited: 20-Mar-2019 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.


Network Failure

David Viro, Sonia Bintu Romount, George Clemente, Denise diCastro,
Nantembe Sambo, Jeaneau Tarville, Fred Zickel Diaz, Su Ling Lui
Producer/director Director Tim Dee

42:45, 40087, S



Frances Barber, Angus Wright, Jenny Funnell, Gwyneth Powell,
Saul Woods
Director Jane Morgan

14:20, 13439, S


Getting to Zero
Don Gillet, Kate Ashfield, Poppy Lee Fryer, Ryan Watson, Malcolm
Tierney, Jonathan Tafler, Stephen Hogan, Janice Acquah
real advisers: George Monbiot, Paul Allen, and Peter Harper
Producer Jonquil Panting
43:59, 41239, S

10-Dec-2009 Getting to Four Degrees
With Professor Kevin Anderson, Mark Lynas and Dr Emma Tompkins
Don Gilet, Kate Ashfield, Amber Beattie, Ryan Watson,
Bruce Alexander, Melissa Advani, Emerald O'Hanrahan
Directed by Jonquil Panting
43:53, 41156, S
10-Nov-2011 The State of Water
Iestyn Jones, Phyl Harries, Mali Harries, Claire Cage,
Rhys ap William, Saul Woods
directed by Kate McAll
43:42, 40885, S
Watch Me
Sarah Smart, Alun Raglan, Amaka Okafor, Simon Ludders,
Claire Cage, Christian Keysers
Directed by James Robinson
43:45, 40941, S
27-Oct-2014 to
My Life with Flu
Hannah Daniel, Ronan Summers, Lia Williams, John Norton,
Eirlys Bellin, Eiry Thomas, Alun Raglan
Directed by James Robinson
13:55, 13033, S
13:42, 12823, S
13:48, 16177, S
13:42, 16058, S
13:55, 13027, S
14-Dec-2015 to
A Speck of Dust
Eiry Thomas, Rocco Weston, Mali Matthews, Alun Raglan,
Christianne Oliveira, John Cording, Sharon Morgan, Leona Walker,
Claire Cage, John Norton, Rhodri Meilir
Directed by James Robinson
13:32, 12677, S
13:25, 12557, S
13:38, 12758, S
13:20, 12487, S
14:00, 13100, S
Juliet Cowan, Sirine Saba, Ali Ariaie, Esme Robinson, John
Norton, Ali Goolyad, Sion Pritchard, Claire Cage
From an original idea by John Norton
Directed by James Robinson
43:10, 40386, S

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