Whittington, Amanda

Last Edited: 15-Mar-2019 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.


Amateur Girl

With Katharine Rogers
Producer Paul Dodgson
13:35, 12742, S

Be My Baby

Laura Molyneux, Alinka Wright, Joannah Tincey,
Rachel Atkins
Producers Sara Conkey and Kate Chapman
43:40, 40947, S

Have Your Cake
3 Fairy Cakes
by Amanda Whittington
Lesley Sharp, Tamsin Greig, Neil Dudgeon, Nisha
Nayar, Leena Dhingra, Stephanie Leonidas, Loo Brealey
Producer Gemma Jenkins
44:00, 4154, S
Have Your Cake
4 Scripture Cake
by Amanda Whittington
Lesley Sharp, Tamsin Greig, Neil Dudgeon, Nisha
Nayar, Sheila Hancock, Stephanie Leonidas, Loo
Brealey, Matthew Dunster
Producer Luke Fresle
43:54, 41164, S

Bollywood Jane

Joanne Froggatt, Katherine Dow Blyton, Sacha Dhawan,
Pal Aron, Sean Connolly
Director Kate Chapman

14:00, 13132, S
13:56, 13076, S
13:42, 12848, S
13:59, 13111, S
13:51, 12994, S
The Nine Days Queen
Loo Brealey, Emma Stansfield, Helen Schlesinger, Agnes
Dromgoole, Janice Acquah, Paul Rider, Robert Lonsdale,
Stephen Critchlow, Chris Pavlo, Stephen Hogan
Producer Luke Fresle
43:58, 41233, S
29-Jul-2009 Ladies' Day
Katharine Rogers, Lynda Rooke, Louise Kempton, John
McAndrew, Robert Gwilym, Charlie Parkin
Directed by Sara Davies
43:05, 40404, S
19-Apr-2010 to
Writing the Century 13:
Once Upon A Time
Joe Dempsie, Karl Davies, Joe Doherty, Robert Lonsdale,
David Seddon, Freddie Fox, Joanna Monro, Vineeta Rishi, Tony Bell
Original music composed by Nicolai Abrahamsen
Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins
13:17, 12467, S
13:31, 12683, S
13:21, 12532, S
13:41, 12831, S
13:41, 12839, S
22-Nov-2010 to
Paradise Place
Katharine Rogers, Robert Gwilym, Malcolm Hamilton, Lucy Black
Nicola Miles-Wildin, Saikat Ahamed, Andrew Francis
Director: Sara Davies
13:41, 12829, S
13:34, 12720, S
13:33, 12711, S
13:40, 12818, S
13:38, 12784, S
27-Jan-2014 to
Writing the Century:
The Dock, Nuremberg
Diana Quick, Gunnar Cauthery, Kate Sobey, Patrick Keeler,
Mark Meadows, Martin Bonger, Cristina Catalina
Director...Mary Ward-Lowery
13:33, 12694, S
13:53, 12995, S
13:54, 13015, S
14:10, 13268, S
13:45, 12869, S
10-Nov-2014 to

09-Nov-2015 to

14-Nov-2016 to

13-Nov-2017 to
Children in Need -- D for Dexter
Sydney Wade, Elsa Rodgers, Una McNulty, Samuel Holland,
Jane Thornton, Sarah Parks, Martha Godber
Guitar...Pip Moore
Director Mary Ward-Lowery

Sydney Wade, Alfie Johnson, Bill Rodgers, Una McNulty,
Peter Caulfield, Liz Godber, John Elkington
Director Mary Ward-Lowery

Sydney Wade, Alfie Johnson, Una McNulty, Peter Caulfield,
Harry Steel, John Elkington, Sarah Parks, Jane Godber, Hattie

Director Mary Ward-Lowery

Sydney Wade, Alfie Johnson, Zoe Johnson, Una McNulty,
Etta Fusi, Julie Riley, Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Octavia Bettis

Director Mary Ward-Lowery
12:42, 11901, S
13:17, 12446, S
12:37, 11812, S
12:45, 11938, S
13:31, 12653, S

13:22, 12515, S
13:15, 12407, S
13:20, 12486, S
12:56, 12115, S
13:09, 12301, S

12:03, 11290, S
12:55, 12095, S
12:32, 11743, S
12:39, 11848, S
12:21, 11572, S

omnibus 4
66:51, 62543, S
The Thrill of Love
Maxine Peake, Siobhan Finneran, Joe Armstrong, Phoebe Dynevor,
Victoria Brazier, Alan Williams
Director Kate Chapman
Producer Justine Potter
56:43, 53060, S

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