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Last Edited: 07-Mar-2019 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
Death at the Bed End
Kenneth Cranham, James Greene, Stephen Hogan,
Declan Wilson, Shirley Dixon, Geoffrey Whitehead,
Helen Longworth, Steve Hodson, Philip Fox
Directed by Janet Whitaker
57:11, 53622, S
Adulteries of a Provincial Wife
Daniel Evans, Robert Glenister, Anastasia Hillie,
Jennie Stoller, Sam Dale, Joseph Kloska, Paul
Richard Biggin, Tracy Wiles, Isabella Parriss
Producer/director Sally Avens
57:07, 53549, S
What I Think of My Husband
Hattie Morahan, Nigel Anthony, Marcia Warren,
Sean Baker, Liz Sutherland, Liza Sadovy, Ray
Lonnen, Helen Longworth, Stephen Critchlow,
Chris Pavlo, Ben Crowe
Producer: David Hunter
13:46, 12912, S
13:44, 12886, S
13:44, 12876, S
13:31, 12686, S
14:01, 13150, S
16-Oct-2009 A Dose of Fame Stephen Campbell Moore, Diana Quick, Navin
Chowdhry, Matt Addis, Benjamin Askew, Sam Dale,
Philip Fox, Malcolm Tierney, Caroline Guthrie
Directed by David Hunter
43:42, 40978, S
09-Aug-2010 to
Mrs Tolstoy
  1. True Happiness
  2. A Simple Life
  3. The Kreutzer Sonata
  4. Vanichka
  5. The Legacy
Haydn Gwynne, Ian McDiarmid, Paul Ritter,
Vineeta Rishi, Sam Dale, Michael Shelford,
James Warner
Directed by Claire Grove
13:39, 12798, S
13:51, 12997, S
13:52, 13004, S
13:56, 13065, S
14:00, 13127, S
21-Jan-2012 The Jinx Element Fenella Woolgar, Allan Corduner, Patrick Baladi,
Nathan Osgood, James Lailey, Rachel Atkins,
Simon Bubb
Directed by Sally Avens
57:00, 53328, S
16-Mar-2012 Waiting for the Boatman David Tennant, Anton Lesser, Peter Hamilton
Dyer, Joe Dempsie, Tracy Wiles, Harry Livingstone
Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko
Editor: Colin Guthrie
43:39, 40844, S
11-Mar-2013 to

13-Apr-2015 to
Writing the Century 21, 27 -
Journal of a Joskin
diaries written by Fred Kitchen
  1. 1924 -- Poet of the Coke Ovens
  2. 1924 -- The Farm Near Sheffield
  3. 1925 -- Fresh Pastures
  4. 1933 -- Hot Spell
  5. 1938 -- Remarkable Events

  6. 1940 -- The Doorstep War
  7. 1940 -- The Promised Land
  8. 1948 -- Gooseberries
  9. 1958 -- Preacher
  10. 1968 -- Man with a Scythe
Ralph Ineson, Liza Sadovy, Stephanie Racine,
Sarah Thom, Paul Stonehouse, Patrick Brennan,
Will Howard
Director: David Hunter

Ralph Ineson, Sarah Thom, Roslyn Hill, David Acton,
Shaun Mason, Paul Stonehouse, Sam Dale, Monty
d'Inverno, Paul Heath, Jane Slavin, Ian Conningham,
Gerard McDermott
Director: David Hunter

13:31, 12656, S
13:40, 12844, S
13:46, 12933, S
13:43, 12887, S
13:56, 13091, S

13:35, 12727, S
13:41, 12817, S
13:39, 12780, S
13:48, 12918, S
14:09, 19879, S
John Osborne - The Author of Himself Samuel Barnett, Jonathan Coy, Harry Livingstone,
Joanna Brookes, David Seddon
Director: David Hunter
41:56, 39244, S
Lying Low
Adrian Dunbar, Charlotte Beaumont, Susan Brown,
Charlie Clements, Clare Corbett, Caroline Loncq,
Samuel James, David Sturzaker, Gary Duncan, Philip Fox
Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins
43:45, 40934, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material