Voynich, Ethel

Last Edited: 05-Jan-2019
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
The Gadfly Dominic Rickhards, Jill Lidstone, John Moffatt, Sean Barrett, John Rye,
Peter Craze, George Parsons, Jo Kendall, Philip Sully, Joan Walker,
Michael Deacon, Gordon Reid, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Pearce
The music is taken from the Gadfly Suite by Dmitri Shostakovich
Dramatised for radio by William Ash
Directed by Glyn Dearman
85:09, 79833, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters