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Last Edited: 15-Jan-2019 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Teddy and Toad
Bill Paterson, Vincent Marzello, Clare Corbett, Jonathan
Tafler, John Evitts, David Jarvis, Alfred Chambers,
Spencer Hodge
Directed by David Blount
43:39, 40931, S
The Fast Girl
Rachel Atkins, Kim Wall, John Evitts, David Timson, Clare
Corbett, Peter Mair
Directed by David Blount
43:55, 41185, S
The Small Print
Kim Wall, David Timson, Geoffrey Whitehead, Clare
Corbett, John Evitts, Emma Paterson, Ben Crowe
Director David Blount
43:30, 40792, S
This Cold August Light
Kerry Shale, Michael Beveridge, David Timson, Alison
Pettitt, Rachel Atkins, Harry Myers, Chris Stanton,
Robin Toller
Director David Blount
43:44, 41015, S
The NHS At 60:
Stuffing Their Mouths With Gold
Robert Pugh, Richard Attlee, Nicholas Boulton, Trevor
Littledale, David Collings, Jaimi Barbakoff, Jean Trend,
Simon Treves, Lucie Fitchett
Director David Blount
43:13, 40523, S
14-Jan-2010 The Curiosities of the Egyptian Hall 3
Curious Shadows
Read by Gunnar Cauthery With Tony Lidington
Directed by David Blount
13:48, 12942, S
18-Mar-2011 Ciao Bella!
Eleanor Bron, Cherie Lunghi, Richard Attlee, Alison Pettit,
Gunnar Cauthery, Adrian Grove, John Evitts, Rita Ullo
Guitarist: Paolo Vanoncini
Producer/Director: David Blount
43:42, 40970, S
A Shepherd in London
  1. Flocking to Selfridges
Reader: Bill Paterson
Producer: David Blount
13:36, 12731, S

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