Tintagel Primary School

Last Edited: 09-Jan-2019 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
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Tintagel's Giant

This particular giant is the creation of artist Michael Fairfax,
writer Amanda White and the pupils of Tintagel Primary
School. The legend tells of how the giant of all giants came
to Tintagel and was consumed into the landscape when he
lay down to protect the town from a fierce storm.

Drawing on the legend developed by the pupils and artists,
and illustrating this with sounds from both the landscape
and seascape of Tintagel, this original and sound-rich
feature tells the story of Kesson, the Tintagel Giant, his
battle with a fierce storm, his consummation into the earth
and his relationship with the natural world.

The music in the programme was composed by Jim Carey
and Adrian Freedman and performed by the Triggshire
The narrator is Phyllida Nash.
Produced by Sarah Blount
27:44, 26009, S

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