Thackeray, William Makepeace

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Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.


Vanity Fair

Stephen Fry, Emma Fielding, Kate Cavanaugh, Nicholas Boulton,
Toby Jones, Sandy Balsh, Joann McCullum, Tom Smith, John
Glover, Margaret Tyzack, Ray Coulthard, Trevor Peacock,
Gemma Churchill, Alice Hart, Geoffrey Whitehead, Stephen Hogan,
Kate Buffery, Ian Masters, Monica Dowland, Helen Longworth, David
Calder, Harry Francis, Philip Fox, Mark Bonner
Dramatized by Stephen Wyatt
Produced by Claire Grove

14:02, 13162, S
13:59, 12124, S
14:10, 13284, S
14:09, 13280, S
13:47, 12934, S
14:06, 13226, S
14:06, 13234, S
14:02, 13162, S
14:04, 13194, S
13:50, 12970, S
14:01, 13144, S
13:55, 13058, S
14:01, 13142, S
14:01, 13154, S
13:47, 12928, S
13:56, 13068, S
14:01, 13152, S
13:57, 13092, S
14:03, 13174, S
13:46, 12916, S

CBS Radio
Vanity Fair
(Campbell Playhouse)
Orson Welles, Helen Hayes, John Hoysradt, Agnes Moorehead,
Naomi Campbell
Scripted by Herman J. Mankiewicz
44:02, 20642, M
09-Feb-2009 to
The Yellowplush Papers
  1. My First Employer
  2. Captain Rook
  3. Deuceace
  4. My Novel
  5. My Debut in Society
Adam Buxton, Joseph Kloska, Liza Sadovy, Paul Rider, Manjit
Man, Jill Cardo, Janice Acquah, Stephen Critchlow, Dan Starkey,
Inam Mirza, Donnla Hughes, Robert Lonsdale, Chris Pavlo,
Trevor Peacock, Laura Molyneux, Annabelle Dowler, Gunnar Cauthery,
Annabelle Dowler
adapted by Stephen Wyatt
director Jessica Dromgoole,  Abigail le Fleming
28:06, 26350, S
28:05, 26338, S
28:00, 26251, S
27:55, 26176, S
27:48, 26076, S
Barry Lyndon Gerard McSorley, Andrew Scott, David Kelly, Sheila Hancock,
Kenneth Cranham, Tina Kelleher, Kevin Flood, Jamie Foreman,
Frank O'Sullivan, Mark Lambert, Don Witcherley, Dara Kelley,
Aina McLeam, Alice Barrie, Doreen Kill,
Dramatised by Don McCanthill
directed by Lawrence Jackson
56:54, 53354, S
56:58, 53408, S
The Luck of Barry Lyndon
Gerard Murphy, Sean Campion, Roma Tomelty, Niall Cusack, Birdy
Sweeney, Kevin Flood, Denys Hawthorne, Ian McElhinney, Lynn Cahill,
Gavin Muir, Maggie Cronin, Peter O'Meara, Alan Craig
Music by Neil Martin
Directed by Michael Quinn
58:04, 54439, S
57:51, 54239, S
BBC Home Svc
31-Dec-1961 to
Simon Lack, Ronald Baddiley, Joan Matheson, John Rye, Will
Leighton, John Pullen, Tommy Duggan, Beverley Dunn, Keith
Williams, Keith Buckley, Jean England, Keith Williams, Beryl Calder,
Philip Leaver, Anthony Viccars, Gladys Spencer, Marjorie Westbury,
Vivienne Chatterton, James Thomason, Kenneth Dight, Peter Coke,
Rolf Lefebvre, Haydn Jones, George Hagan, Malcolm Hayes, William
Eedle, Janet Burnell, Jonathan Scott, Philip Morant,  Peter Claughton,
Anthony Hall, Janet Burnell, Peggy Butt, Hilda Kriseman, Dorit Welles
Dramatised by: Howard Agg
Produced By: Martyn C. Webster
13 files
5:53:06, 323 MB, M
08-Jan-2001 to
Tales From Thackeray -
Five Short Plays
  1. The Three Suitors
  2. The Widower
  3. The Bedford Row
  4. The Ravenswing
  5. A Little Dinner at
  1. Gerard Murphy, Lindsey Coulson, Terence Edmond, Hamish
  2. Gerard Murphy, James Fleet, Sian Thomas, Thomas Arnold
  3. Gerard Murphy, Marston Bloom, Jasmine Hyde, Shirley Dixon
  4. Gerard Murphy, Clare Corbett, Carolyn Jones, Marcello Magni
  5. Gerard Murphy, Peter Gunn, Sara Crowe, Tessa Worsley
Directed by Sally Avens
27:58, 26227, S
28:00, 26254, S
27:52, 26125, S
28:00, 26248, S
27:57, 26205, S
The Rose And The Ring
Prunella Scales, Maureen Lipman, Roger Allam, Charles Edwards,
Christopher Staines, Clive Swift, John Normington, John Ringham,
Eleanor Tremain, Lucy Taylor, Abigail Thaw, Max Digby, Anthony
Jackson, Rachel Atkins, Kate Copeland, Julian Morris
Adapted for radio by Ellen Dryden
Directed by Don Taylor
56:53, 53422, S
56:59, 53518, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters
12-Feb-2004 The Great Snobographer
A Biography
Al Murray
Read by John Sessions
Produced by Robin Reed
28:00, 26258, S