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Last Edited: 04-Jan-2019 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
BBC Radio 7:
The Daughter of Time
(unabridged reading)
Read by Paul Young
28:04, 13161, m
29:01, 13679, m
28:28, 13352, m
28:24, 13314, m
27:25, 12855, m
26:05, 12230, m
28:35, 13399, m
28:33, 13385, m
26:28, 12410, m
27:33, 12921, m
28:15, 13243, m
26:52, 12598, m
26:15, 12311, m
26:20, 12348, m
The Daughter of Time
Peter Gilmore, Simon Hewitt, Frances Jeater, Rosalind Schapps, Jill
Litston, Steve Hodson, Nigel Lambert, Louis Stringer, Miranda Forbes,
Graham Faulkner, Catherine Parr, Stuart Organ, Peter Tuddenham,
Alex Jennings, James Thomason, Alaric Cotter
Dramatized by Neville Teller
Directed by Graham Gauld
30:55, 14500, m
29:22, 13767, m
28:43, 13468, m
28:33, 13385, m
The Franchise Affair
Tessa Peake-Jones, Margaret Tyzack, Ben Daniels, Alison Skilbeck,
Aidan McArdle, Steven McNicoll, Emily Pennant-Rea, Guy Fearon,
Samuel James, Francesca Dymond, Laura Rees, Jonathan Dryden
Taylor, Leila Hackett, Sam Parks, Samuel Jones
Producer/director Ellen Dryden
86:57, 81527, S
BBC Radio 7:
17-Mar-2008 to
The Singing Sands read by Paul Young
produced by Eiladh Macreadie
28:30, 26733, S
28:34, 26788, S
27:42, 25982, S
28:33, 26776, S
BBC Light Prog.
02-Feb-1959 to
Brat Farrar
Frank Duncan, Alexander Archdale, Frederick Treves, Molly Rankin,
David Peel, Gillian Andrews, Lee Crutchley,
BBC Drama Repertory Company
Produced by Peter Watts
28:09, 39599, S
29:22, 41310, S
28:53, 40629, S
28:32, 40135, S
Miss Pym Disposes
Julia Foster, Joan Sims, Julia Swift, Polly James, Zelah Clarke, Margaret,
Robertson, Diana Olsson, Eva Stuart, Deborah Makepeace, Moir Leslie,
Susan Sheridan, Felicity Hayes-McCoy, Denica Fairman, Caroline Gruber,
Michael Deacon, Eva Stuart, Paul Sirr
Dramatised By: Elizabeth Proud
Directed By: Glyn Dearman
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85:50, 19.6 MB, M

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