Tales From the Crypt

Last Edited: 03-Jan-2019
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

A subset of Seeing Ear Theatre

Date Title Cast Parameters
Seeing Ear
1 Island of Death
Gina Gershon, Luke Perry, Anne Bobby, Todd Cummings, Ramon
de OCampo, Rafael Ferrer, John Kassir, Nick Wyman
Written by Tony Daniel
Produced and Directed by Brian Smith
38:18, 13742, S
2 A Little Stranger
Randy Maggiore, Lisa Nicole, Martin Carey, Mark Evans, Alice Barden,
Sarah Provost, Rob Pedini, John Kassir
Alissa Hunnicutt series announcer
Written by Greg Cox
Produced and Directed by Tony Daniel
37:19, 13174, S
3 This Trick’ll Kill You
Rebecca Nice, Todd Cummings, Simon Jones, Andrew Joffe,
Francesca Rizzo, John Kassir
Alissa Hunnicutt series announcer
Written, composed, and directed by George Zarr
34:33, 12191, S
4 Tight Grip
Tim Curry, Randy Maggiore, Anne Bobby, Kate Simses, Rafael Ferrer,
Mort Banks, John Kassir
Alissa Hunnicutt series announcer
Produced and Directed by Tony Daniel and Brian Smith,
45:30, 16052, S
5 Zombie!
Oliver Platt, Kenya Brome, Venida A. Evans, Tom Detrik, Jasha
Godschilde. Ezra Knight, Margorie St. Juste, Jacqueline Cuscuna,
Rika Daniel

Written by Tish Benson and Tony Daniel
Directed by Brian Smith
45:45, 16140, S
6 Fare Tonight, Followed by
Increasing Clottiness
Keith David, Aasif Mandvi, Glenn Zarr, Andrew Joffe, George Zarr,
Leah Applebaum

Written by Andrew Joffe
Directed by George Zarr
35:45, 12620, S
7 Carrion Death
Campbell Scott, Rafael Ferrer, Kevin Townley, John Kolvenbach,
Todd Cummings, Sarah Provost, Peter Francis James

Written by James Patrick Kelly
Directed by Brian Smith

41:16, 14565, S
8 By the Fright of the Silvery Moon
John Ritter, Robbert Pruitt, Peter Waldren, Anne Bobby, Beng Spies,
Kate Simses, Allissa Hunnicutt, Leah Applebaum, Laurissa James
Written by Raquel Starace
Directed by George Zarr

35:49, 12648, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters