Swift, Jonathan

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Gulliver's Travels
Arthur Darvill, Matthew Gravelle, Sam Dale, Bethan Walker,
Judith Faultless, Richard Nichols, Chris Pavlo, Claire Cage,
Lynne Seymour, Gareth Pierce, Ewan Bailey,
Phoebe Waller-Bridge
adapted for radio by Matthew Broughton
directed by Sam Hoyle
56:24, 52770, S
56:44, 53077, S
56:37, 52970, S
04-Oct-1981 to
Gulliver's Travels
  1. A Voyage to Lilliput
  2. A Voyage to Brobdingnag
  3. A Voyage to Laputa,
    Balntbarbi, Glubbdubdrib,
    Lnggnagg and Japan
  4. A Voyage to the Country
    of the Houyhnhnms
  1. Frank Finlay, Andrew Sachs, Anthony Daniels, Peter
    Woodthorpe, Stephen Thorne, William Fox, Michael Spice,
    Pauline Letts, Patrick Barr, Godfrey Kenton, Gordon Reid,
    Sean Arnold, Leonard Fenton, John McAndrew
    Jonathan Swift: Denys Hawthorne
    Directed By: Ronald Mason
  2. Frank Finlay, William Rushton, Miriam Margolyes, Percy
    Edwards, Margot Boyd, Michael Spice, John McAndrew,
    Pauline Letts, Kathryn Hurlbutt, Leonard Fenton, Sean
    Arnold, Godfrey Kenton, Gordon Reid, Amanda Murray,
    Patrick Barr, Denys Hawthorne
    Directed By: David Hitchinson
  3. Spike Milligan, Norman Rodway, John Rye, Anthony
    Daniels, Douglas Storm, Martin Friend, Sean Arnold,
    Gordon Reid, Godfrey Kenton, Patrick Barr, Leonard
    Fenton, Michael Spice, Pauline Letts, John McAndrew,
    Denys Hawthorne
    Directed By: David Hitchinson
  4.  Frank Finlay, Robert Stephens, Bryan Pringle, Jill Balcon,
    John McAndrew, Godfrey Kenton, Michael Spice, Sean
    Arnold, Kathryn Hurlbutt, Amanda Murray, Patrick Barr,
    Leonard Fenton, Gordon Reid, Denys Hawthorne
    Director: Ronald Mason

dramatised in four parts by Michael Bakewell

88:17, 21016, m
89:41, 19001, m
84:04, 20028, m
83:41, 19937, m
02-Sep-2002 to

Gulliver's Travels Read by John Sessions
Producer Hilary Dunn
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2:19:37, 79.9 MB, S

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