Ross, Marty

Last Edited: 26-Jul-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
Broadcast: R7
27-Dec-2004 to
Ghost Zone
Gay Anne Potter, Joanna Tobe, Sandy Neilson, Simon Tate,
Leslie Hart, Stevie Hannon, John Paul Hurley, Finlay McLean
Directed by Bruce Young
27:36, 25878, S
27:59, 26247, S
27:54, 26165, S
29:23, 27560, S
29:42, 27853, S
A Breath from Other Planets
Simon Tait, Gerda Stevenson, Grant O'Rourke, Matthew
Pidgeon, John Kielty
Directed by Bruce Young
44:06, 41352, S
My Blue Piano
Ida Schuster, Paul Young, Mark McDonnell, Joanna Tope,
John Shedden, Simon Tait, Gowan Calder, Nick Underwood
Directed by Bruce Young
44:02, 41283, S
26-Mar-2007 to
Catch My Breath
Clare Mite, Susanne Donaldson, Liam Brennan, Findlay
McLean, Louis Hope, John Sheddon, Eileen McCallum,
James Bryce, Jill Riddeford, Lucy Paterson,
Directed by Bruce Young
27:00, 25324, S
27:13, 12528, S
28:03, 26301, S
28:33, 26778, S
28:29, 26707, S
12-Apr-2012 Rough Magick
John Paul Hurley, Richard Conlon, Robert Jack, Sally Reid,
Terry Wale, Steven McNicoll, David Walker
Producer/Director: David Ian Neville
43:58, 41144, S

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