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Last Edited: 11-Aug-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

14-Aug-2006 to
The Bull from the Sea
read by Robert Glenister
Abridged by Keith Darvill
Producer Christine Hall
13:51, 6493, m
13:57, 6545, m
13:53, 6510, m
13:56, 6534, m
14:03, 6589, m
14:00, 6567, m
13:56, 6534, m
13:59, 6561, m
13:51, 6496, m
13:52, 6506, m
25-Nov-2013 to
The Charioteer
Read by: Anton Lesser
Abridged and directed by Eileen Horne
Produced by Clive Brill
13:46, 12887, S
13:58, 13086, S
13:21, 12496, S
13:51, 12970, S
14:00, 13103, S
13:44, 12861, S
13:39, 12787, S
13:59, 13091, S
13:57, 13056, S
13:59, 13098, S
07-Jun-1983 to
The King Must Die
(includes The Bull from the Sea)
  1. The Touchstone of the God
  2. The Year King
  3. The Citadel on the Rock
  4. The Earth Bull
  5. The Labyrinth
  6. The Anger of Poseidon
  7. High King of Attica
  8. Maiden Crag
  9. In The Time Of The Amazon
  10. The Sacrifice
  11. The Bull from the Sea
Gary Bond, John Westbrook, Carole Boyd, Tan Bura,
John Webb, Frances Jeater, Steve Hodson, Nigel Graham,
David Timson, Eric Allan, Jean Trend, Stewart Wright,
Hilda Schroder, P James Bryce, Alex Jennings, Spencer
Banks, David Peart, Richard Bates, John Livesey, Philip
Sully, Fiona Walker, Pauline Siddle, Stuart Organ, David
Banks, David Gooderson, Adrian Egan,
Petra Markham,
David March, John Bull, John Webb, Richard Huw, Jane
Knowles, William Eedle, Sarah Finch, Jill Lidstone, Pip
Mayo, Moir Leslie, Clive Panto, Elizabeth Lindsay, Clifford
Rose, Danny Schiller, Howard Samuels, Jane Wenham,
Malcolm Stoddard, Madi Hedd, James Kerry, Michael
Jenner, Sarah Badel, Esmond Knight,  Michael Spice,
Vanessa Porsyth, Peter Baldwin, Maureen O'Brien, Piers
Maxim, Rosalind Adams, Michael Tudor Barnes, Steven
Hodson, Trevor Martin, Richard Bates
Charioteer: Trevor Brohier
Christopher Guard, Andrew Branch
adapted by Michael Bakewell
directed by David Spenser
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9:58:25, 821 MB, S

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