Ramsden, Louise

Last Edited: 18-Jul-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Sampler T6
Amy Shindler, Michael Maloney, Frances Jeater,
Gbemisola Ikumelo, Stephen Critchlow
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild
44:19, 31163, S
Broadcast R4:
D-Day Countdown
Lilly's Mum
From a story by Mike Walker
Juliet Stevenson, Emily Chennery, Alison Belbin,
Ricci Harnett
Director Peter Leslie Wild
13:48, 12944, S
Broadcast R4:
Tree Splitting
Alex Jones, Alex Kelly, Polly Lister, Elizabeth Wofford,
Alison Belbin
Directed by Peter Lesley Wild
44:07, 41360, S
The Princess
Carolyn Pickles, Robert Lister, Elizabeth Wofford,
Cathy Sara, Mark Carey, Stephen Tomlin,
Laurence Saunders
Directed by Kate Chapman
13:55, 13057, S
In Form Rondo
Miranda Keeling, Antonio Gil-Martinez, David Holt,
Greg Hobbs, Dan Crow
Musicologist David Huckvale
Producers Peter Leslie Wild and Rosie Boulton
44:01, 41267, S
08-May-2009 Do's and Don'ts for the Mentally Interesting
based on Seaneen Molloy's blog The Secret Life of
a Manic Depressive
Séainín Brennan, Joseph Kloska, Janice Acquah,
Toni Midlane, Philip Fox
Comments from the blog are read by members of
the Radio Drama Company. Except for Seaneen
and Rob, all the characters are fictional.
Directed by Fiona Kelcher
43:14, 40533, S
Pouring Poison
Kathryn Hunt, Nicholas Boulton, Jonathan Keeble,
Alison Pettitt, Marian Kemmer, Dan Hagley,
Nyasha Hatendi, Jane Whittenshaw, Stuart
McLoughlin, Sean Baker, Alex Tregear
Produced and directed by Peter Leslie Wild
44:07, 41360, S
Tinsel Girl
from the diaries of Cherylee Houston
Cherylee Houston, Mikey North, Kathryn Pemberton,
Ged Mulherin, Toby Hadoke, Benjamin Sadler,
Hamilton Berstock
Directed by Charlotte Riches
43:37, 40813, S
Conlang of Love
Oona Chaplin, Paul Heath, Lorelei King, Shaun Mason,
Monty d'Inverno, Bettrys Jones
Produced by Nandita Ghose
Directed by Helen Perry
43:54, 41077, S
26-Jan-2015 to
Tinsel Girl and the Tropical Trip
Cherylee Houston, Kathryn Pemberton, James Quinn,
Rosina Carbone, Quentin Surtel, Hamilton Berstock,
Sonny Flood, Wendy Patterson, Toby Hadoke,
John Catterall
Produced by Charlotte Riches
13:49, 12939, S
13:42, 12832, S
13:51, 12965, S
13:29, 12829, S
13:49, 12940, S
08-May-2017 to
Tinsel Girl and the Support Worker
Cherylee Houston, Sarah McDonald Hughes, Chris Jack,
Kathryn Pemberton
, James Quinn, Enid Dunn,
Beatrix Baxter
Produced by Charlotte Riches
68:43, 64280, S

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