Nesbit, Edith

Last Edited: 15-Jun-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

14-Dec-2008 to
The Railway Children

read by Joanna Tope
abridged by Rosemary Goring
produced by Gaynor McFarlane
13:25, 12592, S
13:22, 12537, S
13:24, 12576, S
14:01, 13146, S
13:57, 13086, S
The Railway Children Victoria Carling, Daniel Eisen, Kate McKendry, Philip Ross,
Frances Jeater, Paul Copley, Jenny Howe, Danny Shiller,
Timothy Bateson, Peter Howe, Michael Poole, Michael
Turner, Andrew Wyncote
dramatised by Marcy Kahan
directed by John Taylor
27:06, 25404, S
28:06, 26340, S
29:43, 27856, S
28:38, 26846, S
The Female Ghost  #2 -
Man Sized in Marble
Caroline Jones, Stephen Critchlow, Deborah Berlin, Gerard
McDermott, Tina Grey
dramatised by Christopher Hawse
directed by Marion Nancarrow
27:03, 25374, S
The Treasure Seekers

Angus Imrie, Dominic Curran, Millie Upton, Adam
Cartwright, Isabel Rowe Wright, Harry Wright, Robert
Dawes, Jane Purcell, Nicholas Boulton, John Rowe,
Jennifer Veal, Celia Imrie, Ben Crowe, David Thorpe, Philip
Jackson, Edward Petherbridge
Dramatized by Peter Cary
Produced by Chris Wallis
87:06, 81667, S
Five Children and It
Julia Mackenzie, Simon Carter, Fiona Christie, James
Richard, Justin Towler, Lexie Rose, Jake Wilson Wainwright,
Jack Halsey, Sonny Ormond, Richard Derrington, Malcolm
McKay, Terry Milloy, Ian Brooker, Susan Jeffrey
dramatised and music  by Malcom McKay
directed by Rosemary Watts
87:21, 81905, S
05-Oct-2010 Her Marriage Lines
Reader: Jenny Agutter
Abridged by Roy Apps
Producer/Director: Celia de Wolff
13:44, 12892, S
06-Oct-2010 The Bristol Bowl
Reader: Jenny Agutter
Abridged by Roy Apps
Producer/Director: Celia de Wolff
14:06, 13228, S
07-Oct-2010 Grandsire Triples
Reader: Jenny Agutter
Abridged by Roy Apps
Producer/Director: Celia de Wolff
13:55, 13060, S
30-Aug-2010 to
The Phoenix and the Carpet
read by Patricia Hodge
abridged by Penny Leicester
produced by Marion Nancarrow
14:18, 13410, S
14:16, 13388, S
14:21, 13463, S
14:17, 13399, S
14:22, 13470, S
BBC R7 04-Sep-2010 The Story of the Amulet
Clive Francis, Fiona Christie, James Richards, Justin Towler,
Lexie Rose, Simon Carter, Kim Wall, Sonny Ormond,
Terry Malloy, Ian Brooker, Robert Lister, Malcolm McKee,
Annabelle Dowler,
dramatsied by Malcom McKee
directed by Rosemaire Watts
89:01, 83463, S
John Charrington's Wedding
Tom Conti
abridged by Tamson Collison
produced by Frank Stirling
15:03, 14112, S
29-Oct-2012 to
Ghost Stories
  1. The Shadow
  2. John Charrington's Wedding
  3. The Violet Car
  4. Man-Size in Marble
  5. The Ebony Frame
  1. Read by Anna Madeley
  2. Read by Tobias Menzies
  3. Read by Charlotte Emmerson
  4. Read by Harry Hadden-Paton
  5. Read by Anton Lesser

abridged by Roy Apps
produced by Celia deWolfe

13:59, 16481, S
13:55, 16392, S
13:50, 16297, S
13:32, 15946, S
13:51, 16311, S
Hurst of Hurstcote
read by Linus Roache
Producer Gemma Jenkins
14:17, 16751, S

Last Of The Dragons
  1. 'Last of the Dragons'
  2. 'Kind Little Edmond'
  3. 'Deliverers of their Country'
  4. 'The Book of Beasts'
  5. 'The Dragon Tamers'
Read by Prunella Scales
Producer: Nandita Ghose
14:20, 16830, S
13:29, 14830, S
13:33, 15921, S
13:33, 15921, S
13:45, 16141, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters
The Railway Children – 100th Anniversary  Julia Briggs
Readings by Ioan Meredith
Produced by Rachel Fiona White 
28:14, 26481, S