Murray, Lavinia

Last Edited: 28-Feb-2018
Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recordings are good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
The Nocturnalist

Bernard Wrigley, Rachel Davies
Directed by Pauline Harris
13:44, 12881, S
11-Jul-2005 to
I Am a Postcard

Tracy Wiles, Mark Bonner
Produced by Marilyn Imrie
14:05 13216, S
13:56, 13070, S
13:52, 13012, S
13:01, 12212, S
13:43, 12868, S
30-Nov-2007 The Tyger Hunt Barney Clark, Pippa Haywood, David Fleeshman,
Jonathan Keeble, Kathryn Hunt, Seamus O'Neill
Music consultant: Philip Tagney.
Producer/director Pauline Harris
43:49, 41083, S
Tarzan Of The Antirrhinums
Mark Chatterton, Reece Dinsdale, Graeme Hawley,
James Nickerson, Rina Mahoney, Julian Eardley
Producer Polly Thomas
44:01, 41269, S
08-Nov-2010 to
Writing the Century 15:
A Desolate Bravery
Shaun Dooley, Stephen Hudson, Jamie De Courcey,
Charlie Anson, Kevin Harvey, Conrad Nelson, Graeme
Hawley, Joanne Mitchell, Kieran Cunningham,
Hamilton Birstock, John Catterall, James Cartwright,
Mark Chatterton, Rory Murphy, Gordon Macaoidh,
Rory Murphy
Melodeon played by David Rowlands
Original music by Nicolai Abrahamsen
Directed by Nadia Molinar
13:57, 13086, S
13:42, 12848, S
13:52, 13002, S
13:49, 12960, S
14:39, 13736, S
BBC Radio 4Xtra
By the Coast of Coromandel
Derek Jacobi, Joanna Munro, Floella Benjamin,
Samantha Spiro, David Timson, Ben Crowe,
Michaela Hornet, Claire Corbet, Martin Hyder
directed by Jeremy Mortimer
44:10, 41421, S
03-Jul-2012 The Beautiful Ugly Ellis Hollins, Jonathan Keeble, Fiona Clarke,
Kathryn Hunt, Seamus O'Neil
Producer/Director - Pauline Harris
43:44, 40922, S
Once Upon A Time There Was A Beatrix
Amelia Clarkson, Fiona Clarke, David Fleeshman,
Conrad Nelson, Brigit Forsyth
Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris
43:39, 40913, S
23-Sep-2013 to
Writing the Century:
Takes Two to Tandem
Bryan Dick, Sophia Di Martino, Nick Haverson,
Martin Richardson, Susan Twist, Harriet Chandler
Judd, Will Tacey
Produced and Directed by Sharon Sephton
13:38, 12772, S
13:41, 12815, S
13:46, 12886, S
13:45, 12881, S
13:50, 12958, S
Elephants All the Way Up
Graeme Hawley, Kate Coogan, Seamus O'Neill, Chris
Jack, Lloyd Peters, Malcolm Raeburn, Lisa Allen
Director/Producer Gary Brown
43:57, 41132, S
The Vicar, The Automaton and The Talking Dog
John Bell, Keir Beckwith, Stuart McQuarrie, Seamus
O'Neill, Morag Siller, Stephen Fletcher
Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris
43:17, 40507, S
Free-Minded Albion's Daughter
Introduced by Kate Perry
Kathryn Hunt, Russell Dixon, James Nickerson,
Amanda Root, Sarah Parks
Director Susan Roberts
44:03, 41297, S

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