Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin)

Last Edited: 15-Mar-2018
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
10-Mar-2013 The Misanthrope Neil Caple, Simon Coates, Leander Deeny, Daniel Goode,
Alison Pargeter, George Potts, Zara Tempest-Walters, Colin Tierney,
Harvey Virdi
Music by Peter Coyte
version by Roger McGough
Directed for the stage by Gemma Bodinetz
Produced and directed for radio by Pauline Harris
94:02, 150876, S
John Ramm, Joseph Alessi, Simon Coates, Rebecca Lacey, Eithne
Browne, Annabelle Dowler, Emily Pithon, Robert Hastie, Kevin Harvey,
Alan Stocks, Roger McGough
version by Roger McGough
Directed by Gemma Bodinetz
102:55, 96275, S
The School For Wives
Geoffrey Bayldon, Haydn Jones, Terry Scully, Jane Knowles, Rosalind
Shanks, Nicholas Pennell, Peter France, Alba, Rolf Lefebvre
Translated By: John Edmunds
Producer: Christopher Venning
92:31, 86730, M

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters