Markham, Mark Davies

Last Edited: 03-Feb-2018
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

22-Feb-2010 to
  1. Separation
  2. Mediation
  3. Assessment
  4. Reality
  5. Departure
Craige Els, Gillian Kearney, Robert Hitchmough, Annabelle Dowler,
Alfie Davies, Carl Prekopp, Alison Pettitt, David Seddon,
Joanna Monro, Bruce Alexander, Michael Shelford
Directed by Claire Grove
13:18, 12472, S
13:51, 12990, S
13:32, 12700, S
13:39, 12814, S
13:37, 12762, S
14-May-2011 Deep Down and Dirty Rock 'n' Roll Suggs, Burn Gorman, Philippa Stanton, Alex Tregear,
Joanna Monro, Stuart McLoughlin, Jane Whittenshaw, Brian Bowles
Music composed by Dave Gale
Directed by Claire Grove
57:10, 53595, S
09-Feb-2013 The Liberty of Norton Folgate Suggs, Chas Smith, Mike Barson, Vincent Ebrahim,
Pooa Ghai, Avin Shah, Danny Sapani, Stephanie Racine,
Patrick Brennan, Adam Nagaitis, Paul Stonehouse, Eleanor Crooks
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
56:58, 53303, S
15-Dec-2014 to
Just a Girl
Louie Cordara, Shaun Parkes, Bettrys Jones, Michael Garner,
Elaine Claxton, Hannah Genesius
Directed by Polly Thomas
13:36, 12741, S
13:33, 12685, S
13:37, 12756, S
13:47, 12909, S
13:49, 12943, S
25-May-2015 to
Con ONeill and Christine Bottomley
Director Polly Thomas
13:41, 12817, S
13:26, 12573, S
13:40, 12807, S
13:35, 12723, S
13:38, 19171, S
01-Feb-1997 to
Young PC
  1. Passing Out
  2. Ball of Confusion
  3. Beginning to See the Light
Tim Dantay, Jo-Anne Knowles, Roger May, Richard Tate, Tessa
Worsley, Julia Ford, Natasha Pyne, Paul Copley, Becky Hindley,
Vincent Davies,
Geoffrey Whitehead, Caroline Strong
Director Michelle Matherson Frederick
42:38, 79944, S
43:26, 81429, S
45:10, 84675, S

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