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Last Edited: 29-Nov-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

28-Jun-2010 to
Amazing Grace
Wunmi Mosaku, Patricia Routledge, Greg Wise, Beru Tessema,
Yusra Wasrama, Bijan Daneshmand, Bea Comins, Darren Hart
Ali Rahman
Composer: Stephen Kilpatrick
Children's Choir: Dobcross Holy Trinity Primary School
Adult Choir : Leeds University Liturgical Choir
Executive Producer: Nicola Shindler; Director: Justine Potter
13:31, 12676, S
13:39, 12812, S
13:36, 12765, S
13:31, 12676, S
13:29, 12642, S
57:11, 53621, S
21-Mar-2011 to
created by Nick Leather

1 Maggie's Story
2 Dot's Story
3 Joe
4 Anna and Lucy
5 Henri Mally

See also conclusion by
Nick Leather
1 Judith Barker, Chris Hannon, Verity Henry, Chris Jack
2 Siobhan Finneran, Verity Henry, James Quinn, Chris Jack,
   Judith Barker, Jack Dean
3 Jack Deam, Julie Mayhew, Sushil Chudasama, Joe Ransom,
   Rebecca Ryan, Chris Jack, Eden Potter Williams, Roberta Kerr
4 Rebecca Ryan, Lisa Brooks, Jack Deam, Beatrice Comins,
   Chris Jack, Chris P Hallam, Roberta Kerr
5 Chris Jack, Beru Tessema, Sushil Chudasama, Jack Deam,
   Victoria Brazier

Producer/Director: Justine Potter

13:46, 12915, S
13:52, 13012, S
13:27, 12621, S
13:55, 13055, S
13:39, 12798, S

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