Kipling, Rudyard

Last Edited: 15-Nov-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Barrack Room Ballads

Kenneth Cranham
Produced by Tim Dee
28:09, 26397, S
The Gardener

Read by Patricia Hodge
Produced by Di Spears
14:03, 6589, m

Read by Rosalind Ayres
Producedby Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres
14:05, 13217, S
19-Jul-2008 to
Jungle Book
Miche K Nyah, Eartha Kitt, Freddie Jones, Jonathan Hyde,
Shaheen Khan, Peter Whitman, Barry Woolgart, Malcolm
Ward, Peter Marinker, Sam Dastow, Robert Glenister,
Timothy Bateson, Jonathan Tafler, Melissa Sinden
dramatized by Micheline Wandor
directed by Chris Wallis
27:29, 25781, S
28:29, 26708, S
29:03, 27247, S
29:06, 27282, S
27:00, 25325, S
31-Dec-1984 to

2nd series
unknown dates
from cassettes
The Just So Stories
in broadcast order 1-5,
in book order 6-12
  1. The Elephant's Child
  2. The Beginning Of The Armadillos
  3. How The Leopard Got His Spots
  4. How The Whale Got His Throat
  5. The Butterfly That Stamped

  6. How The Camel Got His Hump
  7. How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin
  8. The Sing-Song Of Old Man
  9. How The First Letter Was Written
  10. How The Alphabet Was Made
  11. The Crab That Played With The
  12. The Cat That Walked By Himself
Abridged and read by David Davis
Produced by Graham Gauld
12 files
165 MB, S

Series 1 missing
Series 2
23-Jun-2014 to
The Just So Stories
  1. The Beginning of the Armadillos
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?

  6. How The Camel Got His Hump
  7. The Crab That Played With The
  8. The Sing-Song Of Old Man
  9. The Butterfly That Stamped
  10. The Elephant's Child

read by Samuel West
produced by Rahmid Sabah

Series 1
13:49, 12953, S

Series 2
5:15, 4918, S
20:27, 19171, S
6:01, 5635, S
20:02, 18783, S
14:53, 13949, S
Just So Stories James Fleet, Alice Ford, Sakuntala Ramanee, Trevor
Laird, Paul Sharma, Iestyn Jones, Elry Thomas
Dramatised By: Nandita Ghose
Director: Geni Hall-Kenny
56:51, 66625, S
BBC Home Svc.
Felix Aylmer, George Coulouris, Wilfrid Lawson, David
Spenser, Ralph Truman, Elizabeth Morgan, Timothy
Harley, Jo Manning Whitney, Glyn Deaf, Peter Bari,
John Ruddock, Isabel Rennie, Lewis Stringer, Eva Stuart,
Willam Cox, Mary O'Farrell, Andrew Sachs, Alan Haines,
Earles Gris, Austin Tretin, Bruce Condell
adapted and produced by John Tydeman
74:07, 17373, M
75:02, 17589, M
16-Nov-1994 to
Kipling in Love
  1. His Wedded Wife
  2. Lispeth
  3. Venus Annodomini
  4. The Courting of Dinah Shadd
  5. In the Pride of His Youth
  6. Love o' Women
  7. Beyond the Pale
  8. On Greenhow Hill

  1. Tom Bevan, Amerjit Deu, Richard Pearce, Michael
    Troughton, Lyndham Gregory, Barry J Gordon,
    Richard Bates, Elalne Claxton, Vlvlenne Rochester,
    Jack Klaff, Terry John
  2. Mamta Kaash, Dominic Letts, Shelley Thompson,
    Charubala Chokshi, Peter Penry Jones, Tina Gray,
    Rajeev Mukkar, Bhasker, Lyndam Gregory, Colin Pinney
  3. Alex Jennings, Moir Leslie, Michael Troughton, Barry
    J Gordon, Lyndam Gregory, Frances Jeater, Graham
    Seed, Richard Tate, Timothy Carlton, Rachel Atkins,
    John Evitts
  4. John Evitts, Dominic Letts, Lyndam Gregory, Michael
    Troughton, Gareth Armstrong, Tom Bevan, Peter
    Kenny, Colin Thomas, Teresa Gallagher, Jack Klaff,
    Steve Hodson, Terry John, Barry J Gordon, Marcella
    Riordan, Cathy Sara, Elaine Claxton, Alex Jennings
  5. Samuel West, Louise Germaine, Dominic Letts,
    Michael Onslow, Lyndam Gregory, Meera Syal, John
    Evitts, Al Hunter-Ashton, Gurdial Siri, James Taylor,
    Elaine Claxton
  6. John Duttine, Frances Jeater, Jack Klaff, Terry John,
    Steve Hodson, Teresa Gallagher, James Taylor,
    Peter Whitman, Tom Bevan
  7. Nina Wadia, Gareth Armstrong, Renu Setna, Lyndam
    Gregory, Gurdial Sira, Amerjit Deu, Charubala
    Chokshi, Heather Emmanuel, Frances Jeater,
    John Evitts
  8. Michael Onslow, Harry Stamper, Amerjit Deu,
    Dominic Letts, Elaine Claxton, Lyndam Gregory,
    Steve Hodson, Julia Ford, Jack Klaff, Terry John,
    Barry J Gordon, John Evitts, Gareth Armstrong
dramatised for radio by Ed Thomason
Music by Trevor Allan Davies
Producer Adrian Bean
25:53, 24373, S
28:15, 26479, S
26:35, 24919, S
29:17, 27461, S
29:11, 27365, S
29:34, 27723, S
29:24, 27558, S
28:21, 26576, S
As Easy As ABC
Tony Jaye, Ira Burton, Artie Johnson, Brian Finney,
Joe Greco, JJ Johnston, Laura Kellogg,
43:15, 15203, S
At The Pit's Mouth
read by Brian Gear
produced by Viv Beebe
13:50, 12964, S
CSA Word
Plain Tales from the Hills
read by Martin Jarvis
4 files
68.7 MB, M
Plain Tales from the Hills Tim Pigott-Smith
32 files
96.8 MB, M
19-Aug-1982 to
Six By Kipling
  1. They
  2. Mary Postgate
  3. Beauty Spots
  4. The Woman In His Life
  5. The House Surgeon
  6. The Root Of The Trouble
  1. Annette Crosbie, Douglas Blackwell, Tony Britton,
    Maddie Head, Elizabeth Lindsay, Katherine Parr,
    Gordon Reid, Jonathan Scott, Jean Trend
  2. Patience Collier, Gwen Watford, Kenneth Branham,
    Michael Bilton, Miranda Forbes, Andrew Hilton,
    Elizabeth Lindsay, Haydn Wood
  3. George Leyton, Ronald Herdman, Ronald Baddiley,
    Ray Brown, Robin Brown, Arnold Diamond, Miranda
    Forbes, Christopher Saul, Jean Trend
  4. Peter Egan, Steve Hodson, John Livesey, Frances
    Jeater, Crawford Logan, Henry Stamper
  5. Barry Foster, Timothy Bateson, Maddie, Katherine
    Parr, Hugh Dickson, Jean England, Frances Jeater
  6. Richard Pasco, Tim Preese, James Kearey, Nigel
    Graham, Alex Jennings, Maddie Head, Stuart Organ
Dramatised for radio by Naomi Capon
directed by Dickon Reed
30:18, 7103, M
30:13, 7084, M
30:32, 7159, M
30:20, 7111, M
30:18, 7103, M
30:07, 7059, M

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters
10-Nov-2005  Kipling and France
Rather a Motorious Letter
Their Name Liveth For Evermore
Julian Barnes, Hermione Lee
Rudyard Kipling's words are read by David Haig
Produced by Robin Reid 
27:49, 26075, S
28:09, 26405, S
15-Nov-2005 Kipling’s Son Julian Barnes, Hermione Lee
Rudyard Kipling's words are read by David Haig and Jamie Parker
Produced by Robin Reid
13:57, 13086, S