Jones, Charlotte

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Last Edited: 27-Oct-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Broadcast R4
Mia and Maia

Tracy Wiles, Clare Yuille, Ellie Haddington, Tom Mannon, Stephen
Hogan, Buffy Davis, Emily Wachter, Jason Chan
Directed by Clare Grove
57:12, 53626, S
Broadcast R4:
Dolly's Mexican Wave

Patricia Routledge, Dona Croll, Susan Jameson, Robert Hastie,
Ndidi del Fatti
Directed by Claire Grove
44:08, 41389, S
Broadcast R4:
The Sound of Solitary Waves

Toby Jones, Shaun Parkes, Claire Rushbrook, Ben Crowe, Jemma
Churchill, Li-leng Au
Producer/director Claire Grove
44:06, 41347, S
Talking to Strangers

Toby Jones, Samantha Spiro, Caroline Gruber, Tracy Wiles, Gary
Sefton, Damian Lynch, Sam Dale, Ben Judd
Director/producer Claire Grove
57:04, 53509, S
Humble Boy

Adrian Scarborough, Diana Rigg, Marcia Warren, Nicky Henson,
Cathryn Bradshaw, John Standing
adapted and produced by Steven Canny
87:12, 81751, S
I Can't Hear You
Rebecca Davis, Stuart Halusz, Igor Sas, Don Smith
Sound Engineer David Le May
Producer and Director Christine Kinsella
23:03, 21622, S
05-May-2011 The Diva in Me
Philippa Stanton, Stuart McLoughlin, Sally Orrock, Daniel Rabin,
Joanna Monro, Brian Bowles
Directed by Claire Grove
44:07, 41370, S
03-Mar-2012 An American Rose
Fenella Woolgar, Lydia Wilson, Lisa Eichhorn, Tilly Gaunt,
Carl Prekopp, Don Gilet, Tracy Wiles, Harry Livingstone
Produced by Claire Grove
Directed by Sally Avens
57:00, 53323, S
03-Mar-2014 to
What Would Elizabeth Bennet Do?
  1. Darcy
  2. Charlotte Lucas
  3. Lydia
  4. Mrs Bennet
  5. Lizzy
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Danielle Vitalis, Wilf Scolding,
Rosie Cavaliero, Clive Hayward, Priyanga Burford, Carolyn
Pickles, Faye Castelow, Cassie Layton
Produced by Lucy Collingwood
13:44, 12859, S
13:32, 12673, S
13:34, 12705, S
13:40, 12791, S
13:47, 12912, S

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