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Last Edited: 25-Oct-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

See also episodes of Stone.

Broadcast R4:
Roberta, Peter and Phyliss
Sequel to E Nesbit's The Railway Children,
set in 1919
Fiona Clarke, James Alper, Emma Hughes-Jones,
James Quinn, Lloyd Peters, Lisa Moore, Ashley Margolis
Directed by Gary Browne
43:34, 40847, S
Broadcast R4:
Radio Daze

Malcolm Sinclair, Larissa Kouznetsova, Gerard Murphy,
Jonathan Hyde, Andrew Woodall, John Rowe, Avril
Clark, Jon Glover, Philip Fox, Alice Hart, Bertie Carvel
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
57:04, 53505, S

Neil Pearson, Katy Cavanagh, Poppy Lee Friar, Haydn
Gwynne, Sam Dale, Nickolas Grace, Montserrat Gili,
Tracy Wiles
Producer/director Tracey Neale
44:08, 41381, S
15-Jul-2009 The Night They Tried to Kidnap
the Prime Minister
Tim McInnerny, Chris Starkie, Benjamin Askew,
Michelle Duncan, Grainne Dromgoole, Annabelle Dowler,
David Hargreaves
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
43:14, 40546, S
14-May-2010 Can You Tell Me the Name of
The Prime Minister?
Amita Dhiri, Suzanna Hamilton, Jude Akuwudike,
Tony Bell, David Seddon, Christine Kavanagh
Director: Jeremy Mortimer
44:09, 41394, S
19-Aug-2010 to
The One About the Social Worker
Claire Skinner, Lacey Turner, Michael Bertenshaw,
Christine Absalom, Jerome Holder, Hannah Wood,
David Seddon, Sasha Behar, Matthew Watson,
Sean Murray, Joanna Brookes, Philippa Stanton,
Maria Teresa Creasey
Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting
13:43, 12840, S
13:40, 12798, S
13:22, 12520, S
13:44, 12869, S
13:37, 12755, S
Ralph Rosie Flieschman, Ashley Margolis, Julia Roundthwaite,
Anodonese Anthony, Jean Alexander
26:49, 25147, S
26-Nov-2015 Blood, Sex and Money by Emile Zola, 1-6 --
Blood - Art 
Glenda Jackson, Bryan Dick, Georgina Campbell,
Richard Hand, Stephen Fletcher, David Fleeshman
Produced and directed by Pauline Harris

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