Jack Flanders

Last Edited: 28-Feb-2019
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

US cult mystic comedy-drama series, broadcast on US college stations and NPR, 1970s/1980s. See Wikipedia for more details.

Date Title Cast Parameters
1972 The Fourth Tower of Inverness

1973 Moon Over Morocco

1977 The Ah-Ha Phenomenon
(Originally presented within the science fiction
series Stars and Stuff)

1978 The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders
see Wikipedia for details
Robert Lorick, P.J. Orte, Dave Herman, Owen MaGee,
John Wyn Evans, Dave Adams, Cara Pitts, Meatball
Fulton, Chris Henry, Paul Felzone, Jane Crawford, Jim
Lewis, Rogan English, Skip Penk, Neil Atkins, Don
Chaplin, Marty Hughes, Richard Lepp & Bob
Written and Directed by Meatball Fulton
Music by Tim Clark
Wikipedia suggests a running time of 4:52:00,
which implies that this collection is missing the final
four tracks and the final file ends without any
conclusion or credits.
32 files
4:51:55, 116 MB, M

1987 Dreams of Rio

Travels with Jack
Dreams of the Amazon (1992)
Dreams of India (1992)
Dreams of Bali (1992)
Dreams of Sumatra (1993)

1996 The Mystery of Jaguar Reef

Midnight at the Casa Luna

2000 Return to Inverness

Travelling Jack
Dreams of the Blue Morpho (2002)
Somewhere Next Door to Reality (2002)
Do That in Real Life? (2003)
The Eye of Van Gogh (2003)

The Fantastic Voyages of Captain Jack Flanders'
Orchids and Moonbeams (2005)
The Ghost Islands (2006)
Tropical Hot Dog Night (2007)
The White Castle (2008)

Steam Dreamers of Inverness
Steam Dreamers of Inverness - 1 (2010)
Steam Dreamers of Inverness - 2 -
Islands in the Sky (2010)
Steam Dreamers of Inverness - 3 (2011)
Steam Dreamers of Inverness - 4 (2011)

2012 Do Angels Really Have Wings?

2013 Dreams of Tiffany Blue

2014 The Secret of the Crystal Maidens

2015 The Green Velvet Chair

2016 League of the Green Velvet Chairs

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters