Horniman, Roy

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Date Title Cast Parameters
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Kind Hearts and Coronets
Dennis Price, Jane Wenham, Diana Olsson, David March, Edward
Chapman, Wilfred Carter, Hector Ross, Hamlyn Benson, Margaret
Wolfit, Nigel Graham, Fraser Kerr, Gordon Faith, John Boxer,
Leonard Woodrow, Eva Stuart, Alan Haines, Gordon Gardener,
Rosalind Shanks, Timothy Harley, Kenneth McClelland, Noel Howlett
Based on the novel 'Israel Rank' by Roy Horniman.
Adapted by Gilbert Travers Thomas from Robert Hamer &
John Dighton's Ealing Comedy screenplay
Produced by David H. Godfrey
85:26, 80091, M
Kind Hearts and Coronets Michael Kitchen, Harry Enfield, Haydn Gwynne, Lindsay Baxter,
Timothy Bateson, Michael Dennison, David Lodge, Geoffrey
Whitehead, Zuleme Dene, David Timson, John Hartley, Ross
Livingston, David Collins, Tracey Wiles, Jonathan Keeble,
Jane Whittenshaw, Roger May, Stephen Critchlow
Adapted by Gilbert Travis Thomas
Directed by Andy Jordan
89:31, 83924, S
same script;
different cast
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The Ealing Comedies
Hamer, Robert
Kind Hearts and Coronets:
Like Father, Like Daughter
by David Spicer

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Spicer, David

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Date Title Cast Parameters