Hims, Katie

Last Edited: 02-Oct-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
10-Jun-2002 to
Football Stories for Girls
  1. Stealing Alfredo
  2. When I Got Lost
  3. Mr Belting's Diner
  4. Tallulah's Game
  5. Death or Glory
  1. Tom Georgeson, Sophie Stuckey, Nell Stuke
  2. Pauline Collins
  3. Sharon Percy, Mark Stobbart, Chris Pavlo
  4. Bridget Turner, Carla Henry
  5. Claire Rushbrook, Gerard McDermott

Jeremy Mortimer and Mary Peate

14:29, 8533, S
14:03, 8238, S
14:00, 8213, S
13:48, 8100, S
13:44, 8054, S
Broadcast R4
Wild Lunch Claudia Harrison, Ben Miles, Richenda Carey, Ian
Masters, Stephen Critchlow, Tracy Wiles,
Kenny Blythe
Directed by Toby Swift
43:31, 20402, S
Broadcast R7:
The Disappearance of Shirley McGill Leslie Manville, Philip Jackson, Sean Dingwall, Ellen
Woollems, Scott Brooksbank
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
44:58, 42166, S
Broadcast R4
Harry and Gloria
Juliet Stevenson, Ryan McCluskey, Kaye Wragg
Director Gordon House
14:03, 13183 S
11-Jul-2005 Mouse
Kate Ashfield, Nitzan Sharron, Vicenzo Nicoli
Directed by Mary Peate
14:01, 13145, S
12-Jul-2005 Lizard
Maggie O'Neill, Susan Brown, Tom Georgeson
Directed by Mary Peate
13:44, 12882, S
15-Jul-2005 Dog
Daniel Anthony, Ewan Hooper, Lucy Akhurst,
Sharlene Whyte
Directed by Mary Peate
14:00, 13137, S
09-May-2006 Call Waiting
Lisa Coleman, Alison Reid, Robert Gwilym, Akbar
Polatov, Christian Rodska, Paul Humpoletz, Chris
Donnelly, Mark Meadows, Rustum Qobil,  Siroj Tolibov
Producer/director Sara Davies
43:54, 41167, S
30-Oct-2006 to
  1. 1913 – Nightswimming
  2. 1942 – Blow the Wind Southerly
  3. 1956 – The Crest of a Wave
  4. 1982 Footprints in the Sand
  5. 2006 -Beside the Seaside,
    Beside the Sea
  1. Claire Rushbrook and Rebecca Callard
  2. Claire Rushbrook and David Bradley
  3. Claire Rushbrook and Samuel Ripman
  4. Claire Rushbrook and Lee Ross
  5. Claire Rushbrook and Anna Wing
Producer Jessica Dromgoole
14:03, 13180, S
13:59, 13111, S
13:59, 13111, S
14:05, 13207, S
14:05, 13217, S
27-Nov-2006 Virginia
Fiona Shaw, Mark Roper, Deborah Farrington
Producer/director Marina Caldarone
13:51, 12995, S
28-Nov-2006 Daphne
Finty Williams, Phyllida Law
Producer/director Marina Caldarone
13:54, 13046, S
29-Jan-2007 Some Kind of Normal
Burt Caesar and Dee Sadler
Producer Paul Dodgson
13:57, 13094, S
22-Feb-2007 The Gunshot Wedding
Louis Dunsford, Ashley Madekwe, Tanya Franks,
Freddy White, Ralph Ineson
Producer/director Toby Swift
43:57, 41205, S
29-Mar-2007 Sister Philippa’s Story
(from Black Narcissus  (dir) Powell and
Pressburger, 1947)
Ellie Haddington, Anthony Glennon
Producer/director Claire Grove
13:55, 13055, S
11-Feb-2008 to
The Kiss
  1. Waterloo East
  2. The Advertiser
  3. The Kiss That Never Happened
  4. The Accident
  5. Jacob Lennon
  1. Claire Rushbrook, Lee Ross, Sheila Reid
  2. Sheila Reid, John Dougall, Jacob Krlchefski
  3. Kate Ashfleld, Ben Crowe
  4. Harry Towb, Ben Crowe, Susan Porrett
  5. Sophie Pemberton, Laura Molyneux, Lloyd Thomas,
    Baxter Willis, Alex Lanlpekun

Director Jessica Dromgoole

13:49, 12946, S
13:50, 12965, S
13:49, 12961, S
13:52, 13000, S
13:33, 12696, S
07-Mar-2008 Phaethon Toby Jones, Rosie Cavaliero, Vincenzo Nicoli, Paul
Hilton, Steven Webb, Robert Madge, Liza Sadovy
Producer/director Marc Beeby
44:02, 41283, S
26-Jun-2008 Life of Penguins Abigail Davis, Matthew Wilson, Madeleine Boyer,
Serena Bobowski, Dominic Hawksley, Anyette
Tomashechvska, Chris Nelson, Nathan Lake,
Poppy Temple Morris, Rosa and Konrad Hechsheimer
Directed by Bols Temple Morris
44:11, 41426, S
17-Aug-2009 to
Five Wedding Dresses
  1. True Love
  2. The Rescue
  3. The Scarecrow
  4. Janey's Big Day
  5. The Perfect Dress
  1. Olivia Colman, Trystan Gravelle,
    Gunnar Cauthery
  2. Bethany Filler, Verelle Roberts, Jade Williams,
    Elaine Lordan, Alex Lanipekun
  3. Claudie Blakley, Sam Dale, Benjamin Askew,
    Paul Rider
  4. Lizzy Watts, Stephen Hogan, Caroline Guthrie
  5. Chipo Chung, Claudie Blakley, Trystan
    Gravelle, Rosalind Philips
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
13:50, 12985, S
13:46, 12919, S
13:37, 12773, S
13:47, 12933, S
14:08, 13255, S
12-Oct-2009 to
Degrees of Separation
  1. Empy Nest
  2. Fatima the Catima
  3. The Boy in the Library
  4. Twins
  5. Ashes
  1. Jilly Bond, Richard Mitchley, June Barrie,
    Alex Tregear
  2. Alison Reid
  3. Richard Bremner, Janice Acquah, Alison Reid,
    Adrian Grove
  4. Janice Acquah, Mark Meadows, Saikat Ahamed
  5. Saikat Ahamed, Taru Devani, Andy Morton
produced by Sarah Davies
13:56, 13064, S
13:54, 13035, S
13:49, 12968, S
13:19, 12496, S
14:01, 13152, S
16-Nov-2009 Forty-Three Fifty-Nine - Wake Claire Rushbrook, Rachel Davies, John Lightbody,
Emily Beecham, Tom Meredith, Kate Fitzgerald,
David Webber
produced by Toby Swift
44:07, 41360, S
09-Apr-2010 A Small Piece of Silence David Bower, Maxine Peake, Ralph Ineson, Deborah
McAndrew, Ruth Alexander-Rubin, Terence Mann
Music composed and performed by Liran Donin
Directed by Susan Roberts
44:11, 41430, S
07-Jul-2010 Betsy Coleman Maxine Peake, Benedict Wong, Shannon Flynn,
Ralph Ineson, Alison Pettit, Tony Bell,
Christine Kavanagh
Directed by Mary Peate
43:55, 41189, S
18-Nov-2010 All the Blood in My Veins Elaine Lordan, Shannon Tarbet, Tyger
Drew-Honey, Katie Angelou, Alfie Browne-Sykes,
Jude Akuwidike, Lloyd Thomas, Deeivya Meir,
Shirena Watt
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:42, 40983, S
15-Apr-2011 Samson And Delilah James Alexandrou, Katie Angelou, Claire Rushbrook,
Stuart Mcloughlin, Sean Baker, Joanna Monro, Jane
Whittenshaw, Nyasha Hatendi
Sound ... Pete Ringrose
Director ... Jessica Dromgoole 
23:36, 22129, S
03-May-2011 Lost Property --
The Wrong Label
Rosie Cavaliero, Alex Tregear, Katie Angelou, Daniel
Cooper, Daniel Rabin, Stuart McLoughlin, Bethan
Walker, Sally Orrock, Sean Baker, Joanna Monro
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:51, 41114, S
10-May-2011 Lost Property --
The Year My Mother Went Missing
Rosie Cavaliero, Shannon Flynn, Ceallach
Spellman, Elliot Griffiths, Ralph Ineson, Daniel Rabin,
Jane Whittenshaw, Sally Orrock, Stuart McLoughlin,
Sean Baker
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:52, 41136, S
17-May-2011 Lost Property --
A Telegram from the Queen
Rosie Cavaliero, Edna Doré, Gary Beadle, Daniel
Rabin, Stuart McLoughlin, Sean Baker, Jane
Whittenshaw, Alex Tregear, Joanna Monro,
Sally Orrock
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:57, 41205, S
17-Jun-2011 Lilo Maxine Peake, Trystan Gravelle, Shannon Flynn,
Euan Brown
Sound Design by Eloise Whitmore
Producer: Melanie Harris
44:01, 41278, S
03-Oct-2011 Dragonfly David Bower, Sophie Woolley, Sarah McDonald
Hughes, Amerjit Deu, Eric Potts, Zoe Iqbal
Developed in partnership with
Signdance Collective
Produced in Manchester by Susan Roberts 
43:37, 40815, S
King David Lee Ross, Claire Rushbrook, Lizzy Watts, Ben
Crowe, Madeleine Power, Susan Jameson,
Robert Blythe, Will Howard, Nicholas Murchie,
Hannah Wood
directed by Mary Peate
88:46, 83046, S
Bad Elvis
David Bower, Sally Carmen, Janice McKenzie,
Terence Mann, Matt Sutton
Directed by Susan Roberts
43:59, 41149, S
Hair of the Dog
Nicholas Gleaves, Madeleine Bowyer, Sarah Belcher,
Sharlit Deyzac, Silvana Montoya, Rasmus Hardiker,
John Benfield
Produced and Directed by Boz Temple-Morris
43:54, 41083, S
Black Dog
Claire Rushbrook, Ralph Ineson, Alexander Aze, Adam
Thomas Wright, Will Howard, Caolan McCarthy, Nahel
Tzegai, Karl Queensborough, Stephen Critchlow,
Rachel Davies, Peter Wight, Amelia Lowdell, Rosa
Yevtushenko, Greta Dudgeon, Rebecca Ineson, Deeivya Meir,
Debra Baker, Jessica Turner, David Hounslow, Evie Killip,
Chris Pavlo
Original music by Nina Perry
Cellist ..... Danny Keane
Directed by Mary Peate
86:43, 81111, S
Poetry in Motion
Rachel Davies, Alan Williams, Karla Crome, Ashley Kumar,
Adie Allen, Kirsty Oswald, Nick Underwood
Director Mary Peate
43:58, 41136, S
25-Sep-2017 to
Black Eyed Girls
Sabrina Sandhu, Samuel James, Julie Teal, Ailsa McGregor,
Rosie McGregor, Kerry Gooderson, Philip Fox, Sanchia
MacCormack, Charlotte Emmett, Rosie Boore, Jennifer
Walser, Charlotte Emmett, Tom Forrister, Simon Ludders,
Jessica Turner, Carolyn Pickles
Director    Sasha Yevtushenko
65:24, 61184, S

Listening to the Dead
Date Title Cast Parameters
Enoch's Machine
Eva Sayer, Michael Bertenshaw, Georgie Fuller, Priyanga Burford,
Ben Crowe, Carolyn Pickles, Arthur Hughes, Joel MacCormack,
Ami Metcalf
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:50, 41019, S
Four Sons
Michelle Terry, Will Featherstone, Will Howard, Harry Jardine,
Joel MacCormack, Georgie Fuller, John Norton, Sean Murray,
Priyanga Burford, Sabina Arthur, Carolyn Pickles, Ami Metcalf
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:49, 41000, S
The Great Pretender
Ralf Little, Lizzy Watts, Joanna Monro, Sean Murray,
Carolyn Pickles, Carys Eleri, Arthur Hughes, Harry Jardine, Ami Metcalf
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:43, 40912, S
Ruby's Shoes
Nell Herrin, Ami Metcalf, Leon Human, Hamza Jeetooa, Lisa Stevenson,
David Seddon, Michael Bertenshaw, Carys Eleri, Rosa Yevtushenko,
Arthur Hughes, Georgie Fuller
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:54, 41079, S
Tuesday's Child
Jeany Spark, Rose Hilton Hille, Rosa Yevtushenko, David Seddon,
Lisa Stevenson, Carolyn Pickles, Ami Metcalf, Paul Bazely, Joel
MacCormack, Michael Bertenshaw, Harry Jardine, Georgie Fuller,
Sean Murray
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole
43:53, 41056, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters