Hill, Susan

Last Edited: 29-Aug-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Broadcast R7
22-Nov-2004 to
The Woman in Black
  1. A Journey and a Funeral
  2. A Causeway and a Pony Trap
  3. The Nursery and a Child
  4. Letters and Death Certificates
John Woodvine, Robert Glennister, Paula Tillbrook, Christopher
Kent, Stewart Richmond, Rod Arthur, Jane Marlowe, Jason
Doane, James Quinn, Diane Whitley, Jane Cox
Dramatised by John Strickland
Directed by Chris Wallace
28:38, 26858, S
29:08, 27325, S
28:55, 27111, S
29:01, 27217, S
BBC 7 The Woman in Black James Darcy, Paul Freeman, Richard Hope, Don McCorkindale,
Lucy Briers, Lucy Taylor
Dramatised by Mike Walker
Directed by John Taylor
58:45, 23279, m
15-Oct-2007 to
The Man in the Picture

read by Nigel Anthony
abridged and produced by Jane Marshall
13:51, 12990, S
13:43, 12864, S
13:44, 12876, S
13:51,12990, S
13:53, 13020, S
22-Mar-2010 to
The Beacon
  1. An Author in the Family
  2. Taking Flight
  3. Alone
  4. Truth and Lies
  5. Inheritance
Manon Edwards, Steffan Rhodri, Iestyn Jones, Eiry Thomas,
Siriol Jenkins, Mark Lawson, Richard Mitchley, Sian Williams,
Kirsty Wark, Dick Bradnum
Dramatisation by Anita Sullivan
Produced and Directed by Kate McAll
13:40, 12827, S
13:34, 12720, S
13:35, 12745, S
13:15, 12438, S
13:54, 13043, S
12-Oct-2010 Sand read by Susan hill
produced by Sara Davies
14:01, 13149, S
26-Jun-2010 to
Gentleman and Ladies
Gwen Watford, John Baddiley, Stephanie Cole, Patricia Hayes,
Sian Phillips, Jill Graham, Pauline Letts, Anna Cropper,
Peter Penhry Jones, Gilly Mears, Philip Anderley,
James Telfer, Irene Sutcliff, John Church, Jonathan Adams,
John Fleming, Linda Poulan
adapted by Bill Matthews
produced by Lissa Evans
26:46, 25103, S
27:25, 25712, S
27:31, 25801, S
27:28, 25758, S
26:51, 25179, S

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