Hill, Christopher William

Last Edited: 29-Aug-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Broadcast R4
Love Me Liberace

Freddy White, Frances Barber, James Fleet, Henry
Goodman, Ann Beach, John Rowe, Philip Fox, Ioan
Meredith, Chris William Hill
Piano played by Colin Guthrie
Produced by Liz Webb
Broadcast R4
Killing Maestros

Bill Nighy, Henry Goodman, Lorelei King, Sylvestra
le Touzel, Andrew C. Wadsworth
Directed by Liz Webb

Ian Richardson, Joseph Kloska, Nigel Anthony, Stella
Gonet, Sean Barrett
Producer Gordon House
44:08, 41378, S
Suing Mr Spargo

Geoffrey Hutchings, Penelope Wilton, Phillip Jackson,
Sylvestra Le Touzel, Joannah Tincey, Sam
Pamphilon, Simon Treves
Producer/Director Liz Webb
44:01, 41272, S
06-Oct-2006 to
28-Jan-2008 to
Tomorrow, Today!
  1. Dial M for Martian
  2. To the Moon and Back
  3. Androids in Love
  4. What Price Utopia?

  5. Dr Chaotica and the Rise of
    the Atomic Man-Bees
  6. Squab Is Not the Language of Love
  7. They Come to Freeze Our Children
  8. Prey of the Bog Monster
  9. Countess Natasha and the Red Menace
  10. Taffy Jones, Protector of the Universe
Peter Bowles, Cheryl Campbell, John Fortune, Gary
Waldhorn, Joseph Kloska, Jon Glover, Paul Richard
Biggin, Miranda Keeling, Sam Pamphilon, Rachel
Atkins, Lloyd Thomas, Alex Lamipekun, Carolyn
Pickles, Peter Marinker, Leslie Phillips, Ben Crowe,
Johannah Tincey, Simon Treves, Laura Molyneux,
Anna Bengo, Marc Willcox
Directed by Liz Webb

28:05, 26336, S
27:47, 26054, S
28:00, 26254, S
27:57, 26204, S

28:16, 26501, S
28:08, 26384, S
28:16, 26514, S
28:15, 26494, S
27:59, 26249, S
27:56, 26201, S
Lambeth Palace

Alex Jennings, Geoffrey Whitehead, Phoebe Nicholls,
Murray Melvin, Susan Jameson, Philip Fox, Sam
Dale, Stephen Hogan, Caroline Guthrie, Jonathan
Tafler, Malcolm Tierney, Benjamin Askew, Lizzy
Watts, Kirsty Wark, Jonathan Dimbleby, Janice
Acquah, Matt Addis, Paul Rider
Directed by Mary Peate
57:11, 53612, S
30-Jul-2009 Marmalade for Comrade Philby
Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Rachel Atkins, Geoffrey
Whitehead, Claudia Elmhirst, Adrian Scarborough
original music by Lucinda Mason Brown
directed by Gordon House
44:09, 41396, S
01-Sep-2009 Hindenburg
Sian Phillips, Corey Johnson, Fenella Woolgar,
Raad Rawi
directed by Stephan Canney
43:59, 41250, S
27-Feb-2012 to
  1. Autumn
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Summer
  5. Autumn
Richard Johnson, Lia Williams, Harry Hadden-Paton,
Tony Haygarth, Nicholas Boulton, Peter Cadwell,
Geoffrey Whitehead
Incidental Music: composed by David Chilton
Producer: Gordon House
13:58, 13072, S
13:42, 12837, S
13:55, 13039, S
13:57, 13057, S
13:44, 13134, S
08-Jul-2013 to
James Lees-Milne
  1. Sometimes into the Arms of God
  2. The Unending Battle
  3. What England Owes
  1. Tobias Menzies, Victoria Hamilton, David
    Seddon, Samuel Barnett, Joanna Brookes,
    Sean Murray, Ben Crowe
  2. Tobias Menzies, Victoria Hamilton, Tom Mison,
    Sean Murray, Philippa Stanton, Joanna
    Brookes, David Seddon, Hannah Wood
  3. Tobias Menzies, Christopher Godwin, Victoria
    Hamilton, Michael Shelford, Philippa Stanton,
    Joanna Brookes, David Seddon
Produced & directed by Marion Nancarrow
43:32, 40737, S
43:14, 40446, S
43:18, 40520, S
Hush! Hush! Whisper Who Dares! Oliver Ford Davies, Kate Fahy, Simon Treves,
Harriet Chandler-Judd, Michael Bertenshaw,
Sean Murray, Ben Crowe, Philippa Stanton
directed by Peter Kavanagh
43:55, 41085, S
Phyllida Law, Jeremy Clyde, William Beck, Benjamin
Whitrow, Gunnar Cauthery, Marlene Sidaway,
Kim Wall, Madeline Clements
Pianist Catherine Herriott
Produced and Directed by John Taylor
43:11, 40414, S
missing credits
29-Nov-2013 to

11-May-2015 to
On the Rocks
  1. Spies
  2. Omens
  3. Movies
  4. Barter

  5. Sirens
  6. Adventure
  7. Sermons
  8. Swimming
Joseph Kloska, Bec Applebee, Christine Absalom,
Stuart Fox, Alex Palmer, Ed Gaughan, Peter
Marinker, Alex Tregear, Christopher William Hill,
Sam Dale
Anthony David Seddon
directed by Mary Peate

27:54, 26104, S
27:53, 26101, S
27:56, 26150, S
28:00, 26204, S

27:28, 32168, S
27:50, 32603, S
28:01, 32823, S
27:47, 32557, S
30-Jan-2017 to
Clutch, Throttle, Brake
Bill Paterson, Samantha Spiro, Alison Steadman,
Nicole Bartlett
Original Music: David Chilton
Director: Gordon House
69:30, 65022, S

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