Grahame, Kenneth

Last Edited: 18-Aug-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Publ. 1908
Broadcast R7:
Wind in the Willows Adrian Scarborough, Richard Briers, Nicholas Grace, Derek Waring,
Terence Rigby, John Hartley, David March, Stephen Tomkinson,
Leslie Phillips, Graham Seed, Alison Dowley, Elizabeth Mansfield,
Tina Gray, Geoffrey Holland, Maria Charles, Danny Schiller, David
Holt, James Taylor, Geoffrey Matthews, David Sinclair, Simon
Trieves, Jill Graham, Natasha Pine, Peter Wittman, Lucy Bishop, Paul
Panting, Peter Kenney, Tom Bevan, Belinda Baldwin, Peter Aker
Dramatized by Alan Bennett
Music and Songs by Jeremy Sands
Directed by David Blount
62:29, 58592, S
57:38, 54035, S
16-Feb-2013 Wind in the Willows Stephen Mangan, Claire Skinner, Philip Jackson, Carl Prekopp,
Patrick Brennan, Lia Sadovy, Paul Stonehouse, Stephanie Racine
Music: The BBC Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Timothy Brock
Singers: Genevieve Hamilton, Amanda Morrison, Julia Batchelor-Wlash,
Jonathan English, Daniel Auchincloss and William Gaunt
Adapted for actors and orchestra by Neil Brand
Director:David Hunter
65:14, 61029, S
The Golden Age James Fleet, Jessie Jeure, Marcia Warren, Alexandra Stone,
Harry Francis, Oliver Cookson, Teresa Gallagher, David Timson,
Anne Beach, Patience Tomlinson, Ian Masters, Gerard McDermott,
Hannah Dee
dramatised by Martyn Wade
directed by Cherry Cookson
88:43, 83180, S
02-Oct-2006 to
Wind in the Willows
Read by Alan Bennett
Adapted and directed by Colin Smith
14:40, 13756, S
14:55, 13992, S
14:55, 13999, S
14:59, 14059, S
14:55, 13995, S
15:00, 14066, S
14:59, 14054, S
14:52, 13950, S
14:47, 13871, S
14:53, 13969, S
BBC School
21-Jan-2011 to
Wind in the Willows read by Bernard Cribbins
10 files
2:30:00, 137 MB, S
Wind in the Willows read by Kenneth Williams
32:38, 11473, m
30:34, 10748, m
31:51, 11199, m
30:51, 10844, m

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters
30-Sep-2008 Dreaming Of Toad Hall --
100th Anniversary in print
John O'Farrell
readings by Tim Trelaw
produced by Emily Williams
28:08, 26385, S