Graham, Matthew 

Last Edited: 06-Nov-2017
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
The Stone Tape
written by Matthew Graham and Peter Strickland
Based on the original TV play by Nigel Kneale
Romola Garai, Julian Barratt, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Dean
Andrews, Tom Bennett, Jane Asher, Eugenia Caruso
Music and electronics: James Cargill
Vocal effects: Andrew Liles
Analogue effects: Steve Haywood and Raoul Brand
Sound mix: Eloise Whitmore
Director: Peter Strickland
Producer: Russell Finch
Executive Producer: Polly Thomas
56:28, 52837, S
Jayne Lake
Georgie Morrell, Tom Bennett, Sophie Stanton,
David Kirkbride, Nicola Grier, Kitty Smith,
Margo Cargill
Director Kate Rowland
Producer Russell Finch
56:08, 52516, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
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