Goldsmith, Oliver

Last Edited: 18-Aug-2017
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
The Vicar Of Wakefield Christopher Scott, Terry Molloy, Susan Jeffrey, Iwan Thomas,
Laura Strachan, James Richard, Jennifer James, Peter Jeffrey,
Sunny Ormonde, Michael Cochrane, Anthony Pedley, Tina Gray,
Sara Coward, Lisa Kay, John Webb, Gillian Goodman, Kim Durham
adapted in three parts by Christopher Denys
Director Sue Wilson
56:55, 53363, S
56:54, 53337, S
56:57, 53398, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters