Gaskell, Elizabeth

Last Edited: 15-Aug-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

29-Jun-2004 to
Wives and Daughters
  1. Calf Love
  2. A Crisis
  3. The New Mama
  4. Mr. Osbourne Hamley’s
  5. The Charity Ball
  6. The Mother’s Maneuver
  7. The Storm Bursts
  8. Scandal and Its Victim
  9. Reviving Hopes and
    Brightening Prospects
Catherine Hurlbut, Tom Wilkinson, Angela Pleasance,
Robert Lang, Lydia S Walker, Anna Fox, Alex
Jennings, Pauline Sybil, Carol Boyd, Thelma Whitely,
Michael Trautman, Pauline Letts, Kelly Francis,
Marion Dunn, Geoffrey Collins, Nigel Graham, David
Pirt, Adam Bairn, Brett Usher, Diana Bishop, Hilda
Schroder, Anne Louise Lambert, Peter Tottenham,
Moira Leslie, Marion Diamond, Margot Boyd, Monica
Grey, Michael Bilton, James Kerry, Eileen Tully,
James Bryce, Maggie McCarthy, Maddie Head
Dramatized by Barry Campbell
Directed by Jane Morgan
56:08, 52627, S
55:42, 52233, S
55:45. 52273, S
55:44, 52258, S
55:44, 52252, S
55:48, 52323, S
55:39, 52177, S
55:48, 52313, S
55:57. 52462, S
29-Nov-2010 to
Wives and Daughters
Deborah McAndrew, Emerald O'Hanrahan, Jamie
Newall, Julia Hills, Claire Neilson, Marian Kemmer,
Susan Jeffrey, Kate Layden, Henry Devas, Iain
Batchelor, Toni Midlane, Paul Greenwood, Jilly
Bond, Gunnar Cauthery, Maya Barcot, Cathy
Sara, Timothy Watson
dramatised by Theresa Heskins
Produced and directed by Peter Leslie Wild
13:51, 12993, S
13:44, 12876, S
13:58, 13097, S
13:56, 13065, S
14:04, 13189, S
13:54, 13040, S
13:42, 12858, S
14:04, 13200, S
13:58, 13102, S
13:54, 13044, S
17-Nov-2003 to
Mary Barton

David Calder, Emma Rydell, Lynne Beryl, Paul
Copley, Natasha Pine, Ian Dunn, Roy Hudd,
Simon Trinder, Roger May, Sean Baker, Teresa
Gallaher, Marlene Sidaway, Fiona Clarke, Kate
Rutter, Carolyn Pickles, Justin Butcher, Deborah
Berlin, Philip Joseph, Janice Acquah, Beth Chalmers
dramatised by Lavinia Murray
Directed by Claire Grove, Tracy Neale
Produced by Claire Grove
13:44, 12880, S
13:46, 12910, S
14:08, 13266, S
14:07, 13242, S
14:01, 13142, S
13:57, 13082, S
14:08, 13252, S
13:56, 13068, S
14:02, 13168, S
13:42, 12850, S
14:09, 13274, S
13:55, 13060, S
13:53, 13026, S
14:09, 13278, S
13:50, 12984, S
14:02, 13170, S
13:35, 12742, S
14:02, 13168, S
13:58, 13108, S
13:50, 12984, S
29-Sep-2010 to
Ruth Laura Rees, Rory Kinnear, Anton Lesser, Abigail Thaw, Richard
Hope, Alison Skilbeck, Aimee Cowen, Helen Jenkinson, Daisy
Ashford, Anne Reid, David Schofield, Marcia Warren, Amy
Ewbank, Dudley Hinton, Gus Brown, Anna Francolini, Tim Hardy,
Jordan Clarke
Dramatisation by Ellen Dryden
Directed by Ellen Dryden
57:15, 53673, S
57:10, 53595, S
57:05, 53517, S
27-Sep-2010 to
Curious, If True
  1. The Squire's Story
  2. ]The Crooked Branch
  3. The Poor Clare
  4. Lois The Witch
  5. The Grey Woman
Elizabeth Spriggs, Angela Thorne,Michael Lumsden, Peter Jeffrey,
Michael Tudor Barnes, Andrew Harrison, Simon Carter, Brett
Usher, Jonathan Wyatt, Nich Aikens, Peter Meakin, Mary Jo Randall,
Katherine Hunt, Crispin Bonham Carter, David Holt, Richard Mitchley,
Kim Wall, Janet Dale, William Simons, Christopher Scott, Mary
Wimbush, Sandra Burkin, Martin Head, Caroline Backhouse, Amy
Draper, Heather Emanuel, Susan Jeffrey,  Richard Avery, Stephen
Tomlin, Ann Keane, Stella Gonet, Adjua Andoh, Struan Rodger,
Duncan Law, Grahm Colclough
dramatised by Sally Hedges
directed by Nigel Bryant
44:03, 41302, S
43:21, 40649, S
43:47, 41056, S
43:21, 40654, S
44:05, 41338, S
Sylvia's Lovers
Barbara Flynn, Jodie Comer, Graeme Hawley, Chris Connel, Siobhan
Finneran, Jonathan Keeble, Nichola Burley, Olwen May, Paul Copley,
Verity Henry
Dramatised by Ellen Dryden
Produced/directed by Pauline Harris
57:00, 53329, S
56:53, 53220, S
Mr. Harrison's Confession
Marston Bloom, Geoffrey Whitehead, Sophie Thompson, Alison Pettitt,
Gillian Bevan, Jane Booker, Rebecca Front, Stephen Critchlow,
David Timson, Christine Cavanagh, Coleen Prendergast
Dramatised by Jeremy Front
Directed by Sally Avens
57:17, 53703, S

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