Fielding, Henry

Last Edited: 11-Jul-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Broadcast R7
12-Sep-2003 to

03-Feb-2004 to
Tom Jones
  1. Gentleman, Foundling and Bastard
  2. A Touch of the Segrams
  3. Cold Buttock and Carrots
  4. Masques and Milestones
  5. A Right Honourable Rape
  6. The Happy Bitches
Anton Lesser, Katherine Hulbert, Clifford Rose, Peter
Jeffrey, Hilda Schroder, Frances Jeater, Michael
Spice, Nicholas Courtney, Bryan Haines, Hugh Dixon,
Celia Ryder, Helen Worth, Andrew Secombe, Pauline
Letts, Elizabeth Morgan, Spencer Banks, Sarah Bedell,
Annette Crosby, Sean Barrett, David McAllister, David
Gooderson, John Warner, Catherine Parr, Crawford
Logan, Jill Walker, Hannah Gordon, Petra Davis, Ronald
Herdman, Patience Tomlinson, Fred Bryant, Eva Stuart,
George Parsons, Charles Gray, Jill Balcom, Robert Lang,
Steve Hodson,  with Martin Jarvis as Fielding
Music by Ilona Sekash
Adapted by Helen Tennyson
Directed by Martyn Jenkins
54:25, 51023, S
54:12, 50816, S
54:29, 51081, S
54:58, 51537, S
54:57, 51525, S
54:44, 51314, S
Tom Jones
Simon Russell Beale, Michael Legge, Adrian Scarborough,
Trevor Peacock, Margaret Tyzack, James Laurenson,
Sam Dale, Clare Corbett, Rachel Bavidge, Charles
Barnecut, Liza Sadovy, Jasmine Callan, Christine Kavanagh
adapted by Stephen Wyatt
Director Claire Grove
57:09, 53582, S
57:04, 53507, S
57:04, 53508, S
The Life and Death of Jonathan Wild,
the Great
Timothy West, Christopher Fairbank, Geoffrey Beevers,
Melinda Walker, Maureen O'Farrel, Crawford Logan
Adapted for radio by Nick Dear

91:36, 86067, M
some clipping
31-Jan-1999 to
Joseph Andrews
Norman Rodway, Matthew Dunster, Gabrielle Drake,
Brigit Forsyth, Trevor Peacock, Naomi Radcliffe, Mark
Chatterton, Rachel Smith, Ann Rye, John Bramwell
Violinist Charlotte French
Dramatised by Dominic Power
Directed by Michael Fox
57:50, 54504, S
57:42, 54377, S
57:25, 54116, S
58:02, 54681, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters
02-Oct-2007  One of the Three Great Plots of All Literature  Kate Adie, Hugh Cunningham, Marina Warner,
Jenny Uglow and Andy McNab
Produced by Beattie Rubens
27:40, 25945, S